The Poems & Songs

Here is a little compilation (and classification) of the various poems and songs posted on this blog.
The old songs have all been recorded and posted on MySpace (yeah, I know.) The new ones on SoundCloud.


Recent Recordings
Squandered Hopes (spoken words)
Time Will Never Tell


Random Poems
These are just thoughts that rushed through me and took the form of poems. They aren’t part of a particular story except the one of my life. 😉
Sitting on My Gym Ball
Saturday Morning Jive


The Red District Series
This series is about a brothel in Whitechapel, London, 1890-ish. Isobel is the owner and intended to have a tea place and offer warmth to the women of  a harsh neigbourhood. Things didn’t turn out quite as planned. The poems are Isobel’s and the songs are from different women passing by her brothel.
The Invitation (poem)
As Business Goes (poem)
Working Girl


The Fairy Tales Gone Wild Series
This series takes the classic fairy tales and gives them a new twist. A rocker chick twist. Except for Alice. She had to be the odd ball.


The Fearsome Rise of The Werewolf/Pony
These two songs were written for the story of one fellow blogger who took part to the NaStyRoMo.
Howl On Through
Wild Heart


These are songs in French (translations are provided) that I have written back in the days when I did Live Action Role Playing.
Plaidoyer (Plea)


Video Game Song
I once had the occasion to do the voice acting and the theme song for a semi-professional game. I wrote the lyrics and performed the song.
This one has music! 😉
Templar’s Lullaby

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