Killing Time OST

While her competition gets muscle implants and reflex enhancers, all Lorelei needs to assassinate her target is the micro-chip in her head to play the right soundtrack.

Short Blurb
Rich heiress by day and assassin by night, Lorelei finds balance and strength in her crazy double life. She deals with crazier stuff on a daily basis, including her nightmares about nanotechnology and its perversion of the world. The only implant she tolerates is the chip playing music in her brain. Armed with a vintage Desert Eagle, assisted by a presumed-dead hacker and fuelled by daredevilry, Lorelei follows the beat to waltz with Death up to the overprotected nanotech bosses’ door.

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1 – Strike: A, B, C
2 – Payment: A, B, C
3 – Death Row: A, B, C
4 – Scouting: A, B, C

5 – Shopping: A, B, C
6 – iCraft Cool Tools: A, B, C
7 – Hunting: A, B, C
8 – Cleanse: A, B, C

9 – Pattern: A, B, C
10 – Dance: A, B, C
11 – Deception: A, B, C
12 – Struggle: A, B, C
13 – Exam: A, B, C

14 – Sickness: A, B, C
15 – iPlay Brain Surgeon: A, B, C
16 – Deal: A, B, C
17 – Gadgets: A, B, C

18 – Anger: A, B, C
19 – Inception: A, B, C
20 – Dinner: A, B, C
21 – Nerves: A, B, C
22 – Numbers: A, B, C

23 – iBroker Souls: A, B, C
24 – Remission: A, B, C
25 – Blast: A, B, C
Finale –  Release: A, B, C

The sequel is currently being published on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can check it out here: Strings of Retaliation.

5 responses to “Killing Time OST

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    […] novel, depending who you’re talking to. I’ve written two of them so far (Unforeseen Dives and Killing Time OST) and will be launching the sequel to Unforeseen Dives on September […]

  • Chrissy

    Aren’t you worried that people could steal your ideas?? Your plot? Your character development? There are people out there who are searching for sites to copy. Did it ever happen to you? And did you publish this into a book?

    • Aheïla

      All the stuff published on a blog is copyrighted so if anyone copies it they’re going to be in trouble. Especially if they try to make money out of it and/or reach any kind of success.

      I did consider the possibility of people stealing my ideas but you know what? I’d be a damn poor writer if I couldn’t come up with new ones.

      I love the things I publish online – don’t get me wrong – but they are my unruled creative productions. Experiments. Or things that wouldn’t work in a book format. No one gets to tell me how I should write them.
      The projects I plan to have published through more conventional means, I carefully keep under wraps. 😉

      Some day, maybe, I’ll edit my online serials, polish them, add a few extras and package them into a book but it’s not in my short term planning. Unless a publisher asks for it, of course. 😉

  • VoyagerSpears

    Hello Aheila,
    I’m extremely new to the blogging world and just happen to come across you blog site to gather ideas on how to get started. I just wanted to comment of the post pertaining to copywriting your material. I once attended a writing class and the instructor gave us a copywriting method called “the poor mans copy write,” which I’m sure you’re familiar with. Another way she claim is starting a story on your computer which is automatically date stamped on the initial day of producing; and I’m sure you knew that too. Anyway, I enjoy your style of wrtting.

    • Aheïla

      Hello VoyagerSpears and welcome to my blog!

      Yes, I do know about the ways to copyright my things. The good thing is that because a blog clearly identifies the author and date of a piece of fiction, it automatically copyrights everything you put on it (if you’re the first one publishing it, of course). 😉

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