On Writing

This is a parent page of a series of tips I’ve begun to give on my blog. Some are just thoughts on writing but others fall into the specific categories of the subpages: Creativity Tips and How I Write articles. I’ll keep each page updated with links to the pertinent posts so that you can easily navigate the categories and read the posts in chronological order.
If there is a subject you would like me to write or give an opinion about, please let me know and I will put it on my list! 😉


Where Do Ideas Come From?
The Quest for the Emotionally Complex
Writing is Scary
Writing Tips With Luanne Rice

Mother Nature’s Sense of Suspense
Tropes vs. Women
My Pet Peeves


The Power of Achievements


Mommy, I Broke My Story!


Why I dislike 24 (TV series)
Why I like Lost Girl (TV series)
White Collar‘s First Scene (TV series)
The Charm of Supernatural (TV series)

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