The NaSty Writing Web

In July 2010, a couple of writer friends and I opened the NaSty Writing Web. This website, complete with forums and profile pages, sets one theme every other month and invites writers to produce short stories, poems, songs, serials or whatever they want to write under said theme. It’s a month-long, no pressure challenge which mission is to encourage writers to get out of their comfort zone, provide an occasion for exposure and reinforce motivation with sheer fun.
This page compiles the short stories I wrote in the NaSty Writing Web’s context.


National Story of Romance Month (NaStyRoMo) Stories
The National Story of Romance Month is the initial writing activity I took part in with 8 other writers. Their stories are compiled here.

The Hunt : A female werewolf refuses to bow to tradition and be dominated by her suitor.
The Infomercial: Cupid presents the ultimate lover: the werechipmunk.
My Pillow Crooned (unofficial entry): Also alternatively entitled “Why You Don’t Want Your Pillow to be the Reincarnation of Ray Charles”
The Spell : A heart-breaking love story (I’m not saying what supernatural creature is involved because it’s part of the fun.”
The Virgin, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6: A couple of demons – an Incubus and a Succubus – argue over the virgin they both want to snatch.


National Story of Superhero Month (NaStySuMo) Stories
The NaStySuMo took place in August 2010. The other participants’ stories are compiled here.

NaStySuMo Theme Song : I just had to create a cheesy 80s superhero song to kick things off.
Back at the Lair: Have you ever wondered what happens to the minions when they head back to the villains lair after being defeated by a superhero?
Desperate Housebound Wives: A group of superhero’s wives get together after one of their friends commited suicide.
In the Wake – Part 1, 2, 3, 4 : In the wake of combats between superheroes and villains lies a lot of destruction. Some people make profit out of that.
It’s Just a Theme Song: Writing theme songs for superheroes is not as glamorous a job as it seems.
The Heroic – A Super’s Routine : Ever wondered what the daily schedule of a superhero or a villain looked like?
The Heroic – How to Bake a Super: Follow this quick recipe to bake your own superhero or villain!
The Last Human on Earth : The whole world is now split in three: superheroes, villains and one human.

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