Howl On Through

As some of you already know, last February is participated in the first edition of NaStyRoMo. Besides writing my own stories, I started writing a song for one of my fellow participants’ story. In Tiffany’s Fearsome Rise of the Werewolf/Pony (Part 2, 3 and 4), the main character, Scout, is a rock singer and the song I’m presenting today would be one of her compositions after the events of the story. I suggest that you read it. You can check out the other NaStyRoMo stories while you’re at it. 😉
On this short introduction, I invite you to listen to Howl on Through (link to MySpace page, you’ll have to click on the song and press play to hear it (it’s the first of the list)), which was written and performed by me. I don’t have a studio so it’s recorded in my apartment with a fairly cheap microphone. Also, I unfortunately don’t play the guitar like Scout does, nor to I have music composing software, but I did my best. Bear with me please.
After messing around with the idea of recording a bass line and accompanying melody by singing/humming/”lala-ing” them and then applying some effect to it, I found it distasteful and/or confusing. So it’s a capella except for some “tcha and breath” percussion. 😉
Here are the lyrics.

Howl on Through
You came to me with a spell coating your skin
Delivered me from the cage my heart was in
Now we’re apart, your absence’s gnawing on my bones
No beating heart, my chest’s weighed down by stones

It’s not your curse, I spelled my own
For your wronged trust, I must atone.

We merged our souls under the moonlight’s blessing
Through all our pores, lovers’ dew was pearling
But I met you enslaved by my people’s greed
And lost with you the things I didn’t know I need

There is so much I wish I’d said
But since I hushed, I must be shred

And I’ll howl through the night
But run no more with the wolves
And I’ll howl with all my might
I’ll howl through the night on my hooves

I wish to spell me back to our first run in
And dodge the tree that sent us both down tumbling
I dim daylight with the tears shed for this mess
And spend the night hunting for your forgiveness

I broke your heart, mine I hewed
To match the pain that you stewed

And I’ll howl through the night
But run no more with the wolves
And I’ll howl with all my might
I’ll howl through the night on my hooves

With your rhymes, I have changed
My core being became estranged
With my blindness, you were short-changed
And now I’m out of nature’s range

And I’ll howl through the night
But run no more with the wolves
And I’ll howl with all my might
I’ll howl through the night on my hooves

And I’ll howl through the night
I’ll howl from my heart to the stars
And I’ll howl with all my might
I’ll howl for the night to heal my scars


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10 responses to “Howl On Through

  • Phil

    Very nicely done! The lyrics evoke all of Scout’s painful memories and sadness and a wistful longing to recapture the promise of what she and Sydney might have had together.

  • Marsha

    Wonderful Aheila. You were able to give the song some much depth of emotion.

  • Tiffany

    Aheila, this is great! It’s been so fun to see this progess and develop into this wonderful song! I like the slight change you made to the melody of the verses here – very nice! Like Phil said so perfectly, it really captures the conflict and emotions that Scout is going through. I love it!!

  • Antonio

    That was terrific, sweetheart! You know your singing reminds me somewhat of one of my favorites, Richard Thompson. I’ll chase down a video to post on the NaSty site as an example. Anyhoo–bravo to you…or, bravo to one of your creative clones, I’m imagining a small army at this point…it takes a village to be Aheila. 😉

  • Jenn

    Wow, very nicely done. I have both read it & listened to it. I loved the breathing beat keeping that you did. It added to it without being a distraction.
    I also really liked the way you howeled when you were singing it.
    You are seriously one talented lady.

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