Who’s Aheïla?

Picture of Aheila

Born on a farm in Quebec City, Canada, Emilie (aka Aheïla) used to learn Disney movies and reenact them in the backyard. Her mother had her take acting classes which Emilie enjoyed from 5 and a half to 15. She blames her wide movements, elephantine memory and loudness of speech on the introduction of theater so early in her life.
Emilie was first published when she was ten in a monthly page of the local newspaper. The page, called “Jour de pluie” (Rainy Days), contained short stories and poems.
Currently sporting blue hair, she works at Frima Studio as a Game Design Director and sometimes teach a “Storytelling in games” college class. She labels herself “writeaholic” and attempts to write stories in her second language (English).

When she is not typing, she can be seen singing, dancing, drinking tea or killing virtual zombies.


What is the Project?

Unforeseen Dives Banner

This blog was born to host a self-imposed challenge; writing a novel over the year and posting 1,000 words a week. Each posts needed to be a satisfying bite of the story, thus the structure of it forced a certain cadence of writing.
Soon after the project was launched, the number of posts per week doubled, bringing new content every Wednesday and Sunday.
Unforeseen Dives (a paranormal mystery) is now completed and so is Killing Time OST (a cyberpunk action). Strings of Retaliation, the sequel of Killing Time OST, is started but currently on hold due to Emilie’s need to polish a novel project taking a more traditional path to publication.

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