Other Stories

Besides the core project of this blog, I also have other works in progress and an array of short stories. 
I often write about them in my Chatterbox posts so I decided to regroup the information a little bit.
The “stray” short stories are on this page while the ones belonging to series/groups are in the subpages.


AW Playwright Contest Entry
I wrote a play for the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums’ contest.

Enlightenment: Gabriel, a synesthete, listens to a light he wished he didn’t hear and sets out to help Melody.


That Steampunk Story
That story managed to ninja its way into my already busy brain. I don’t have a title for it yet. So far I have a 2,500 words long first chapter and a bunch of notes that will eventually turn into an outline.  For now, I am doing my best to shelve it until I’m done with my other projects (namely Unforseen Dives and the novel I’m about to talk to you about). I posted the first draft of Chapter 1 on this blog.

A Foray Into Steampunk: Strong-headed and witty, Tatiana plans to prove to the university’s scholars that she is just as brilliant as any man and won’t take no for an answer.
And random quotes for the pirates. And then some.

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