The Old Souls Series

I am currently working on my first novel which is the first book of the Old Souls series. My initial outline plans for five books but I am not going to talk about them all here.

I blogged about a playlist that sums up the whole series nicely. You can browse through it here.

The One Who Sees
: Hotel do-it-all Lily sees her attempts to avoid relationships with men thwarted by the imperative to become close to Christopher, a client whose death she dreamt.
My plan for this book is to finish the French version and ship it to Beta readers during NaNoWriMo. I want to address the comments in December, translate and have a second round of Beta. My ultimate goal is to start querying by March 2011.
I translated a couple of scenes for the AW June Blog Chain, if you want to take a peek. 

The One Who Loves:
A surgeon who took a sabbatical to help Doctors Without Borders, Christopher thinks he knows what life has in store for him but meeting Lily changes his beliefs drastically.

The One Who Shields:
William’s work for Doctors Without Borders is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Lily and her supernatural call to action, neither of which William can ignore.

The One Who Lingers:
Though he desperately needs to free himself, Cianán’s will falters when faced with reincarnation as his life as a Celtic warrior, centuries ago, left him with lot to atone, especially in regards to Lily.

The One Who Slumbers:
Selena has a brilliant acting career in front of her before the powers sleeping within her reveal themselves and force her out of her dream and onto the path that leads to helping Lily and her motley crew.

The One Who Lives:
Born thousands of years ago but physically looking like a teenager, Aziza stops her attempts to make death stick when she meets the reincarnation of her long-lost mother.

The One Who Feeds:
There are two possible ends to the reincarnation cycle: a well-deserved place in paradise and him.
I posted a rough “Prologue”-like scene for the AW July Blog Chain, is you want to know more.

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