In The Wake – Part 3 – The Secretary

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Infiltration gigs suck. There is some joy in pummeling a baddy to death but the legwork that comes with long undercover bullshit nearly kills me before the showdown. I should never have left patrol for special ops. Nor should I have opened my big mouth to suggest we follow the money to find the source of all the recent problems. Not only was I stuck in a lame surveillance job, the boys also gave me a new moniker: Gold Digger. “It’s all about good teamwork” my ass!
I readjusted my hoodie to tuck a loose strand of hair back under the camouflage suit. I knew for a fact McCallister headed for the lab and I wasn’t about to screw up the pursuit. It was unlikely a strand of hair would be enough to alert him but I preferred to be extra careful. The man was rich enough to install super cameras on the top of his car and watch the sky to ensure he wasn’t followed. Unfortunately, the power to fly doesn’t necessarily come with the power to turn invisible. Hence the sky blue skin-tight bodysuit. Sky blue isn’t my color at all.
Why isn’t the sky green?
My presence in the sky over that limousine derives from my simple observations: somewhere along the line, someone was making money with superheroes and villains fight. Find out who and discover if they have something to do with the fight itself. Three months ago, five superheroes infiltrated the entourage of the most influential construction entrepreneurs. McCallister is the biggest fish by a mile. We also infiltrated private health clinics and sniffed out a few bookies.
For three months, I endured the lusty look of Arthur on my curves, the silly nickname, the drooling, the boring tasks and the answering of the phone. Now, finally, we headed for the lab. I would find proof of villainy, or not. Either way, I wasn’t coming in the office tomorrow.
The limousine entered a field and parked in front of the building sticking out of the greenery like a sore thumb. McCallister walked inside as I landed softly on the roof. I closed my eyes and focused. The mapping of the technology inside the building filled my mind’s eye. It was pretty basic stuff. No surveillance on the roof.
I slipped out of my camo suit, revealing my superhero costume underneath. I like my Green Lantern-ish suit: black and green, no cape, skin-tight. However, where Green Lantern’s ensemble is all straight lines and masculinity, mine is all curves. The tribal patterns and color scheme worked with my superhero name: Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Alternatively just “The Amazon” for the small-brained press. Lyta for superheroes I fought with and befriended. Anyone calling me Hippo was liable to need a dentist appointment.
I entered through the air vent and snaked my way through the conduits until I found a trap I could exit through without alerting anyone. It happened to be only a few feet away from where McCallister chatted with his scientist.
“Did you give it a name again?” My future ex-boss asked. “You know it breaks your heart when they die with a name.” The yellow monster walked in its cage. Definitely an evil creation. Jackpot!
The scientist blurted a reply as I made my way behind the multi-millionaire. With one forceful blow, I took him down. From the sound of it, he broke his nose when he hit the floor. Awesome!
I turned toward the scientist to see a yellow blob identical to the one in the cage pull the man under its gelatinous body. I thought it kind of poetic that the villain would be killed by his invention. I secured McCallister before I realized the scientist was actually laughing. What lame monsters tickle people to death?
I strutted to the duo and grabbed the monster from behind to pull it away from the doctor so I could arrest him. All hell broke loose. The beast screeched and its tentacles wrapped themselves around me with impressive strength. Terror froze the scientist in place when his creature belched fire two inches above his nose. Clothes on the counter nearby caught fire.
The creature’s tentacles were beginning to hinder my breathing. I slammed the thing into the nearby wall corner to no avail. It kept playing flamethrower and boa constrictor. I underestimated the damned thing. If I didn’t get the whatchamacallit off me soon, we would all burn in this lab.
Pounding the thing’s head – can it be called that? – with both hands, I looked around for some kind of weapon. The temperature was rising fast in the room. I grabbed a reddened knife in my hands, thanked my heat-resistant suit, and slashed tentacles. As soon as one was cut, the creature released me and turned around. I rolled out of the fireball it hiccupped. I think it was crying, which was fairly hard to confirm since it had no face.
I didn’t wait to find out. I charged, knife first, and sliced the thing in two. The scientist cried out in agony. He was crying for sure. I dropped the knife and caught the man as he fell to his knees. I secured him.
Hauling the flimsy scientist, I picked up McCallister as well and headed out of the lab through the front door. The place would soon be burnt to the ground. It might even blow because of the chemicals in there. Not a bad day’s work!
From the center of the blaze, a wail rose.

Part 4 – The Heroic >>


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