Some People Never Learn – Part Eight

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Chief Montmorency had warned the Falls’ security that I would be the one patrolling tonight so they let me in without problem. The boys were responsible of watching the perimeter but I had to watch the hub, in case something sprouted from the falls itself.
Legend told of an old very powerful evil witch trapped in the rocks behind the curtains of water who would one year manage to free herself during the full moon closest to Mabon.
I had rarely heard more stupid stuff but hey! It paid the bills.
I stuffed some senses enhancers in Jordan’s hands. “Go to the observatory down by the falls and keep an eye out.”
“That’s it? I’m all ninja-geared up!”
I rolled my eyes and tossed him a dry spell. “There. At least you won’t ruin your costume, Superman. Holler if there’s something.”
“I’m a black belt, you know.”
“Yes. But good agents call for back up. If you can kick the ass of whatever’s trying to kick yours before I get here, all the better. But remember to watch mine as well.”
“Thought you’d never ask.”
He winked. I groaned. Good thing I wouldn’t have to actually spend the evening with him. Now I just had to wait for him to screw up so I could justify not taking on the bodyguard gig.
I took a couple of step back and pulled out my own set of spells for the night; a dryer, hearing and sight senses enhancers, mirror images illusions, a cloaker,  a flyer and, obviously, my own personal blend of morphing primer.
The plan was simple; through the fog of the falls, my doubles would look like the complete squadron that should be guarding this place instead of one pissed off bounty hunter and a wannabe helpful felon. If someone came close enough to notice the ungodly resemblance, they still wouldn’t know which one was me and try to avoid them all. The task would focus all their attention on the decoy, leaving them vulnerable to my actual, cloaked, position.
“Good luck,” a chorus of me said to Jordan before I activated the flying spell. I’d have to concentrate if I wanted them to speak separately, somewhat of a feat given that I had to keep my super hearing and sight under control as well.
“As if I needed it,”Jordan yelled to the sky.
I shut upward with the bunch of mes. Once I reached a decent height, we huddled together and I activated the spell that made the real me disappear. Then we broke apart, each illusion flying to their patrol’s starting point.
My spot was straight at the middle of the falls, about ten feet over it. Behind me, The Old Scrow that stuck itself in the river in 1918 was unmoved by the tremendous force rushing around it. Its break on the flow of water produced a rasping sound under the gurgle. I wondered how many years it would take for it to complete its inevitable race toward the bottom of the Falls.
I shrugged the thought off and focused on the task at hand.
I magically shut off the deafening sound of the Horseshoe so I could listen to the night’s songs. Any trespasser would assume the Falls’ noise hid their babble.
It really wouldn’t.
A little before midnight, I heard the shushing of a something small floating close by. And rocks tumbling down in the distance.

To be continued next Wednesday!


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