Some People Never Learn – Part Seven

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Jordan leaned against the doorframe and brushed his devil-may-care bangs aside. His oh-so-innocent look couldn’t fool me though. Something had changed drastically since he dropped me off last night and I didn’t like the smell of it.
“Maybe I just want to be in your good graces.”
I cocked an eyebrow. “What the hell for?” He’d want to get Mabon’s night off for sure. He wasn’t the type of guy to pass by an opportunity to profit of the array of potential new conquests ripe for the picking after a glass of wine.
“Maybe –”
“– Cut the crap.”
He rolled his eyes and straightened. “You need to let people romance you, Karmen.” I insisted with a glare. “Apparently, my life will be severely threatened by an unexpected source in a couple of weeks. Dad wants a bodyguard with me at all time.”
Oh hell no! “I’m a bounty hunter.” I moved to exit the house but he side-stepped to get in my way.
“And a beautifully shaped, kick-ass werewitch. ‘All time’ does include the Grand Gala!”
Then it clicked. He didn’t want me to watch over him because he knew me or appreciated my company. It wasn’t even about me being the best babysitter option he could think off. Not even the one he thought would be the prettiest in a ball gown.
“You want my werewolf ass to cover yours because it’ll piss off daddy!” I pushed him down the porch’s stairs, closed my house’s door and locked it. “Not gonna happen.”
I walked past him and straight to his car, allowing my heels to clack on the pavement with all the weight of my annoyance.
Some days, I hated my bloodline. It was the reason why I would never graduate to police officer; uncontrollable mood swings, often resulting in violent outbursts – or so they said. It was the reason why I’d never have a house in the best parts of town; interdiction to morph in certain residential areas.
As if I was a bloodthirsty animal!
“I promise I’ll behave for the rest of our time together.” Jordan sped up to open the passenger door for me, all smiles and puppy-dog eyes.
“I will not have you parade my people’s bad reputation in front of your high-class friends because you hope to drive your father nuts!”
“What can I do to change your mind? Money?”
Oh, the balls!
Oh, the issues!
I sat in the car and slammed the door shut. Unabashed, Jordan went around to his side, opened his door and kneeled on the ground, resting his elbow on his seat.
I shook my head. Unbelievable! “You do remember the reason you’re stuck with me, right?”
As a kid, Jordan tried everything to elicit positive feedback from his dad but today, any reaction was good enough.
Which was why he attempted to steal from him and run away.
Jordan got caught. Daddy dearest pressed charges. Now here we were.
These two needed a shrink.
“Then do it to keep me out of trouble!”
“What –”
“– You’re that kind of person, I’m sure. Please.”
If he kept arguing instead of driving, I would never be in position by the time my surveillance shift started. But he didn’t care about that and wouldn’t mind shifting tactics and using my professionalism against me if I gave him half the chance.
“Behave and make yourself useful for the three nights of this assignment, and I may reconsider your request.”
Luckily, that was just what he needed to hear to jump in the car and drive me – without the death metal music and abusive pressure on the pedal – to Niagara Falls.
Oh hell.

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