The Elder – Part Three

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Dear Journal,
God knows I’ve shared some crazy things with you over the years but these past few days have no equal.

The woman’s cellphone rang. In the silence of the station, Mr. Brooks couldn’t avoid hearing the conversation.
“I’m not going, Pat,” she said, her smooth voice layered with both annoyance and hurt. “I’m starving. I’m beat.” She snapped her mouth shut on another justification. “Ah for God sake! We had one fight. I don’t need a pity party.” The voice at the other end of the line rose enough for Mr. Brooks to hear it humming. “Because he’ll get his pride in check and be back out of his mom’s skirt before the end of the month.”
“But it’s been two weeks!” the unidentified voice said.
The woman grunted and hung up. Her piercing blue eyes dared Mr. Brooks to make a comment – enough for anyone without a pacemaker to skip a heartbeat.
“Sorry. My wine’s gone to help my daughter through a rough night.”
She laughed and relaxed against the stiff bench. “At least I got off work early.”
There wasn’t anything else to say, really. Mr. Brooks shifted his weight on the bench. The wine strained on his bladder and he doubted he would make it home clean. He looked at his watch: fifteen minutes was plenty of time. He rose from the bench and began his slow walk toward the bathroom. He hadn’t made three steps when his foot slipped on an oily residue.
A puff of pizza smell stopped his backward fall.
“Why don’t I accompany you?” The woman said, her hand still on his shoulder after setting him straight. “Bathroom break’s a wise initiative.” She slid her twisted metal stick in a pocket and walked with Mr. Brooks.

I never found a dead body until this week. I’m not really surprised I had nightmares about it; they’re apparently down to dental records to figure out who that “what” used to be. But what’s really bugging me is the number of gaps in my memory lately. That can’t be normal, can it?

The Vancouver Elders were antsy; the hounds hadn’t tracked any culprit down. The community provided bits of information but nothing case-closing. The morgue attendant had been scolded. The press controllers had been starved for two days, then returned to their position so they could help the ones infiltrated in the police keep the identity of the victim out of the papers; they didn’t want to rekindle the public’s attention.
Still, the Vancouver Elders were running out of scapegoats to appease their international peers.
“We picked up the smell in the SkyTrain,” the alpha werewolf reported. “It’s hard to track, what with the stink and all. And the stations’ air is too filtered and conditioned. We’re canvassing.”
“Bloody hell.” The first elder received a dark look from his neighbour who then turned to address the werewolf.
“Thanks man.”
The werewolf bowed and headed out, eager to join his pack to track the owner of the smell left on the murdered human. He found his job thrilling, and though the SkyTrain station was hardly a pleasant place for a sensitive nose, the pay bonus for the catch would settle a few gambling debts.

How did I fall asleep with my salad on my lap? I can’t even remember what was playing on the TV when I nodded off. I’m such a light sleeper; I should have heard my father come in! His visit calmed me but I’m fuzzy on some part of that conversation too. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep and intake of alcohol.
I should call the psychologist the police recommended.

Mr. Brooks uneasily accepted the unsolicited help. They parted at the men bathroom door. The woman continued to the women’s; Mr. Brooks released the breath he had been holding and limped toward the urinal.
Burgundy liquid streamed out, biting with its alcohol content and leaving resonance space for Mr. Brooks stomach’s growl.
“Damn it! Not again.”
He zipped up his pants, cleaned his hands and headed out only to collide with the woman. The cellphone and its half written text message flew five foot away while its owner and Mr. Brooks crumbled with a couple of yelps.
The twisted metal stick clattered next to Mr. Brooks’ shoulder and the woman landed on top of him.
“Are you alright?” She scooted aside and winced when her knee hit the stick. She picked it up.
All Mr. Brooks could hear was the blood thumping. And thumping. The bump of his pouch pressed against his flank. His vision blurred.
“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!”
“Not as sorry as I am.”
In a move too fast for the eye – a survival reflex of supernatural nature –, Mr. Brooks’ hand closed around his corkscrew, snapped it open and stuck it in the woman’s jugular. Mr. Brooks pulled her on him and closed his mouth around the open wound.
She tried to struggle but when hunger took over, there was nothing either of them could do.
As Mr. Brooks drank, he thought about the next step. Fresh feeding should give him the strength to dump her body on the tracks. Mulching should disguise his involvement. He didn’t have any other choice.
A howl resounded in the station.

The Elder – Part Four >>


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10 responses to “The Elder – Part Three

  • Ryan

    Wow, Aheila! You have terrifying suspense and mystery combined with interesting, quirky characters all in a complex story that unfolds at a tantalizing pace. I tried to guess about Mr. Brooks but I was totally taken by surprise when he attacked the woman. I was guessing the opposite. 😉

    • Aheïla

      Ah! Win! That’s exactly what I was aiming for. Hopefully, if you read it again, you’ll see that there are a bunch of hints to Mr. Brooks ‘condition’.
      This whole story started with a toothless vampire uncorking people. *laughs* How it has grown since then!

  • W.G. Cambron

    I absolutely love this story!
    But werewolves and vampires? Sorta Underworldy, don’t you think? Just my thoughts.

    • Aheïla

      Or Twilighty. Or Vampire Diary-y. I’m trying to give them a completely different twist but relationships between werewolves and vampires have been around for a long time. 😉

  • Helen

    I’m interested in the idea of Vampires with a conscience – I didn’t guess about Mr. Brooks either.

    It would be nice if you placed links to the previous parts on the page, so that one could recap if they needed to- just a suggestion. I’ve looked but I can’t see how to get back to the previous parts – maybe I’m blind 🙂

    • Aheïla

      Hi Helen!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Just under the title of this post and my name, you’ll see “<< The Elder – Part Two". That's the link to the previous part (which also contains a similar link to Part One). 😉

  • Jenn

    I’m with Ryan…I thought it was going to be the other way around.
    Oh, and I agree with all the rest too lol.

  • Um the Muse

    FYI You have the links to go back but not the ones going forward.

    I also didn’t expect the dad to be a vamp. Now I wonder what happened to that reporter vamp–I assume Mr. Brookes had found him interrogating his daughter?

    It’s probably a long shot, but we have seen a mention of the victim’s girlfriend working nights at a pizza place. Could she have been the unfortunate victim number two?

    • Aheïla

      I’ve got to put all of those in by hand and in the craziness of my Friday I forgot to add that link. Thanks for noticing!

      I sincerely don’t know what happened to the reporter but nice catch on the identity of victim number two. I wasn’t sure people would get it. 😉

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