Killing Time OST – 25c – Blast

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Since I already cleaned the way, nothing slowed me down when I sprinted from the underground servers toward the lobby. My skin tickled and I giggled. Only to realize that made no sense at all. In fact, the world was a bit… fuzzy.
“Focus, Lorelei!” Vexx snapped.
Damned. I’m high, aren’t I?
“One of your pieces must be leaking after the Taser shot and the reboot. It’ll strengthen you if you can channel it.”
So that’s how good it feels.
“Nathan’s looking for the remote modem. Come on!” Vexx’s voice barely made it through the haze. The white walls were so bright and ‘rainbowy’.
“You’ll die a tech-loving loser.” Gabriel’s insult pierced the euphoria with a rage that snapped my mind right back in place. I doubled my speed.
What did you call me?
“If you don’t use the high to get out of there alive, I mean.”
I’ll kick your ass for this.
“As opposed to what?”
“Guys!” Vexx said. “He’s searched half the desk already.”
Can’t go any faster. Almost there.
“Too late.”
I rounded the corner and drew my gun. The door at the end of the tunnel was already sliding down full speed. I aimed at the distant form of Nathan Blode and fired – a nanosecond-long process – but my bullet ricocheted on the closed door. A door whooshed shut before the corner behind me too.
Gas hissed in the room.
Shut up!
Gas, spark, burn: fifteen seconds to cinder. I had five before the gas content became a problem if combined with any amount of heat. I set my explosive to three and threw it to the door.
I spun on my heel and closed my Kevlar suit’s hood over my hair and face.
I dived into a ball. The blast rolled me into the corner’s door. I smashed against it. The heat licked my body, only made bearable by my suit. When the fresh air from the lobby told me the flames had receded, I unfolded.
The sprinkler began raining on the fire. I was drenched before I could curse them.
“You’re crazy,” Gabriel breathed. Vexx simply sighed in relief. I pushed myself back on my feet.
How else can I get things done?
By the time I finished my thought, I was already halfway to the lobby. The smoke messed up both my normal vision and my infrared but from what I saw earlier, Blode was a stick figure of a man; getting closer didn’t bear any risk.
“You know you’re just wasting our time, don’t you?” I said.
“Stop moving.” As if the high-pitched voice wasn’t laughable enough, the fear shook it all the way through the two words. I emerged from the smoke to find him trying to aim at me with a plasma gun he picked up from a guard.
Give the geek a keyboard and he’ll be mildly menacing. Take it away –
“– Hey!” Vexx protested.
“I don’t have time for this.” I drew my tranqu gun. Blode fired when the dart hit him but the plasma bullet wouldn’t have hit me even if I didn’t have lightning fast reflexes.
“He destroyed the spider.” Vexx said. On the floor, the critter gave us spark as if trying to obey her master’s order.
Lucky I brought an extra.
I dropped the spider next to the desk and, while Vexx hacked his way back into the system – cursing all the way because of the extra wall Blode uploaded –, I grabbed a pen and paper.
“Your nemesis says: ‘Ha ha! Sucker!’” I dropped the note on Blode’s chest. Was that the silly tech-high mood again?
“Think you can punch him too?” Vexx said as the hallway’s far door finally opened. I ignored him and ran, heading straight to the employees elevators near the middle of the complex. “Going back to the servers.”
An elevator was already waiting for me – Vexx’s last magic act before he gave the monitoring of my progression back to Gabriel.
“The guards freed the executive,” Gabriel said. “They’re taking the stairs to the helipad.”
I hit the button for the top floor with a little more force than required. If a darn techie caused me to fail, I would blow a gasket.
“I’ve locked the roof access door.” It wouldn’t hold them for long but it might be enough to get me within shooting distance.
The elevator ride seemed to take forever and the ebb and flow of tech by-products in my veins didn’t help at all. Shadows moved in the corner of my eyes, cranking up my adrenaline for no reason. I paced the limited square space to channel my tension.
This was it. The last mile. Then I would be done.
“You’ll pull it off.” Gabriel’s voice caressed my mind, soft and caring.
I was already out of the elevator when the ding stopped resonating. I heard the beating east of me. By the sound, I figured the guards had already pierced a hole in the metal. I rounded to corners and started shooting sparkies.
The guards formed a plasma-shooting barrier to allow their bosses to escape through the newly busted door.
Running, I stuck a foot in the wall, creating a hole I used as a step to jump from wall to wall. When I reached the ceiling I dropped back down, never missing a beat. The plasma bullet heated my Kevlar suit and hair. By the time I reached the little group and downed the last guard, steam came off of me.
I stepped onto the helipad, switching guns as I watched my footing in the debris.
The first one to die under the blazing sun was the CFO. Then, one by one the major shareholders and big heads of Merrilyn Tech hit the ground. Their panic brushed my skin and left no mark. The only thing that wept for them was the roof itself: tears of blood streamed to the edge to trickle down the wall of windows.
At last, my father stood alone, looking like a scared old man. Dust stained his disheveled suit. Fear tousled his hair. His superb was nowhere to be seen.
I smiled and reloaded my gun.
In this very moment, all that existed was peace.

Finale A – Release >>


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6 responses to “Killing Time OST – 25c – Blast

  • Kahlie

    Minor Typo: Come one!” Vexx’s voice barely made it through the haze. Should be “Come on!” ofc. OMG, such a nice cliffhanger and I’m going on a 12 day holiday… gawk!

    The last few installments have been full of excitement and thrills. Absolutely fantastic.

  • Jenn

    No!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a horrible place to end it from my point of view. Now, I understand that it’s perfect from yours, but…well just “Crap!”

  • mish

    Smart comment Gabriel : “tech-loving loser” … he definitely pressed the right button here !!

    OH SHOOT !!!! Did you HAVE to go and end at the crucial moment …..
    (And I can almost see the evil writerly grin on your face !!!)

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