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This month, I’m back in the lead of the Absolute Write Water Cooler blog chain with an idea of my own. Personally, I like to force myself to look at my stories and characters through different lenses. I find that it helps me flesh them out even further and discover some underlying traits that complete the personality I have presented to the readers. Small traits that may come in handy later. 😉
Thus, I set a pretty weird task for my fellow AWers and myself: If you had to choose one color to describe your writing, which one would it be and why?
“Writing” in this sentence may be replaced by character, plot, environment, etc. Any aspect of the writer’s work that is worth coloring.
My participation digs in the colors of Unforeseen Dives.

Meadow Cranesbill by Tristram Brelstaff

Meadow Cranesbill by Tristram Brelstaff

For me, Cassidy is meadow cranesbill’s purple. As I’ve said before in chapter 11 – Mending: “In the traditional, non-reader language of flowers, the purple species of geranium means constancy and availability. Purple is the symbol of psychic ability.” Basically, any purple would do to represent Cassidy’s special skill. However, I choose this particular purple because it is more blue than red. Despite an inner passion and strength, Cassidy mostly has a flowing personality that tries to avoid conflict and stress. Her red enables her to deal with harsh situations but her blue is the constant that pushes her to strive toward a sunny day.

Clay Pot from A Natural State

Clay Pot from A Natural State

Rebecca has a grounding force hardened by a fiery temper. I see her as a brownish red clay. Mahogany. This doesn’t just have to do with the color of her skin. Brown is a stable color, a color you can trust. It won’t float away. It won’t shimmer out of sight. It’s there and it’ll keep you safe. On the other hand, Becky has the impulsivity and harshness that calls for some red. That makes her an interesting paradox: despite the fact that she deals in people’s mind, she’s more about inner, primitive, instincts.

Pumpkin orange is the perfect color for Casey. He is a tan, mostly careless surfer boy (though he has outgrown that by now). He is all about passion and warmth. This orange is also the one we can see in the sky when the sun sets. It appears between the lighter shades of orange where it meets the purple. It is romantic and fleeting in nature. One of the last thing we see before darkness takes over.


The StoryOnyx
For the story itself, I probably have to go with black. But not any black. The imperfect pearly black of onyx. Despite its darkness, this black is full of life. As light plays on its surface, it’ll show you glimpses of colors. It reflects, in a distorted way, what you place in front of it. Isn’t that what stories always do?
Moreover, symbolically speaking, onyx is the “help to fight it all off” rock. Unforeseen Dives is about resilience and standing strong throughout the worst aspects of this world. As a story, I hope it helps the readers fight boredom. 😉


Do these colors make sense to you, loyal readers? What colors would you choose for my characters?
I might repeat the exercise for The One Who Sees… eventually.
Until then, please visit the other awesome participants of the AW August Coloring Blog Chain:
Aheïla (that’s me!)

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