WeWriWa 5 – Cage Fight

Hello everyone and welcome to fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m posting another snippet from The Phoenix’s Wake today. This one is freshly “first drafted” as of yesterday evening. Yay!

Picture this: Cage fight, Gorgon (half woman, half snake) versus Minotaur (7 foot tall ripped man with a bull head). ‘nough said.

Spinning, the Minotaur hooked his free leg in the middle of my tail, his momentum dragging my body with him in an unpleasant contortion. The surprise turn of events stole the crowd’s breath. As the mesh closed in on me, I released the Minotaur’s neck and wrenched myself away. As a result, his arm unfolded from behind his back, still trapped in my tail and moving with it. My upper body came straight in front of him, my back parallel to the ground, my tail too weaved around his limbs to free it yet.
His fist –the size of my head– came in fast. I folded backward and the punch grazed my belly. My hands bounced off the mat.

It was a fun challenge to write an extensive fight scene in which the fighters are equally matched and one of them is very long and bendable. I hope the readers will be able to keep track of the tail and that it’ll all make sense. *laughs* Critiques are especially welcomed on this one.

Please read and give a shout to other WeWriWa!


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