WeWriWa 4 – Chameleon

Hello everyone and welcome to fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m posting another snippet from The Phoenix’s Wake today. I’ve known I wanted to pick something from the same chapter as last week for a while, but I argued with myself over another funny Drea-Ramses banter or an action scene that shows them working together. The latter won. 😉

Last week, Drea and Ramses were getting ready to storm a house that serves as a heroin lab. They are now in the basement, trying to arrest the last remaining myth before a fire blows up the house. (Warning: creative punctuation. I like my action sentences a lot shorter. *laughs*)

A part of the wall ripples, the Chameleon’s skin not adjusting quite fast enough to the contrasts of the dancing light. I lash out my tail and it hits something soft, triggering a grunt. A beaker flies off the table and spills onto my wounds. As soon as I withdraw my tail, Ramses spits a quick succession of fireballs the size of a fist. Two connect, but that damned prehensile tongue smacks a glass bowl against Rammey’s head.
Swathing between Rammey and the rippling wall, I twirl my tail a couple of times around something slippery and invisible to keep it from sliding free. The Chameleon gags as my blood and the chemicals he spilled on me flood his taste buds.
He lunges toward me, straight into Rammey’s elbow.

Hope you enjoyed these 8 sentences (first draft and all). Please read and give a shout to other WeWriWa!


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