Killing Time OST in a Blurb!

As a prelude to the Strings of Retaliation marathon and continuation, I am posting a summary of Killing Time OST, the first serialized novel of the Nightshade Assassin series.

Since this summary contains all the highlights, it is chock-full of spoilers.

Let me say that again to be sure.


So if you have any intention to read Killing Time OST and enjoy the action-packed, emotion-filled, music-included, cyberpunk experience of Lorelei’s first debacles, I strongly recommend you stop reading this and head over there.

The Strings of Retaliation marathon will start next Tuesday so you have a whole five days catch up on what you missed out on.

For the rest f the awesome new readers (and the old ones too), here’s last season’s summary. 😉

* * *

Lorelei Beyer is most renowned as the Nightshade Assassin, the criminal scaling superscrappers and the Most Wanted list alike. Sporting a fake face and a turn-of-the-millennium Desert Eagle, she targets bosses of the tech industry and executes them while a carefully chosen soundtrack plays in her head. During an attack on Merrilyn Technologies, the biggest company out there, she recruited Vexx a hacker, tech-surgeon and former tech-addict. He now lives in her basement and helps her complete her self-appointed missions while he waits for his new identity to come in the mail.

Fresh off another assassination, Lorelei has a close call with FBI Special Agent Gabriel Walker. She escapes by Tasing them both. As a result of that and Vexx’s constant hacking of her music chip, Lorelei starts suffering from migraines. However, she has such strong nightmares about technology that she refuses to let anyone, especially Vexx, further fiddle in her brain.

Her death threats fail to stop the hacker.

Vexx’s forced brain scan reveals the existence of a myriad of nanobots in Lorelei’s head. Most likely injected in her embryo, the nanobots control her on a chemical level, triggering pleasure hormones when she exerts violence, encouraging muscle development, dampening the pain receptors…

Everything a human body needs to be a perfect assassin.

Refusing to live with the tech, Lorelei orders Vexx to extract the nanobots. After being insane for a few months while her body learns to regulate its own hormonal production, Lorelei makes a deal with Gabriel: in exchange for a pardon for the crimes she was programmed to commit, she will help the FBI make a dent in Merrilyn Technologies, the creators of the nanobots.

Against her nature, Lorelei gets a crazy amount of temporary tech-enhancements to storm Merrilyn Technologies and kill the man at its helm, the father she loved for years.

The sour taste of victory almost sends her over the edge, but Vexx convinces her not to jump.


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