Six Sentence Sunday – Vexx


Here is this week’s Six Sentence Sunday which, as the name indicates, consists in posting any six sentence of a project on Sunday morning.

I’m sharing an excerpt from a new story with you today. These six sentences are the first ones of Strings of Retaliation, the cyberpunk serialized novel I’m set to start posting here in February. It is the sequel of last year’s project Killing Time OST.

Hope you enjoy it!

* * *

These days, I couldn’t stop pacing back and forth in what used to be our war room. Gabriel had staved off my worry with a never-ending To Do list for most of Lorelei’s absence and I was grateful for it. But the expiration date on her muscles was less than a week away and we still had to hear a peep so no amount of service to my country could keep my mind off the ticking clock.
Would it have killed her to show a sign of life at any point during the past six months?
I sat and tried to busy up my brain with the programming of a particularly complex virus. I didn’t plan to use it – those days were behind me – but it necessitated more concentration than Sudoku.


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