Some People Never Learn – Part Eleven

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The creature took a moment to adapt to its freedom and then looked herself up and down. “What the hell?!”
The exclamation was so genuinely human and pissed I almost chuckled. She didn’t seem all that evil. She looked around and sniffed the air.
“Are you the dumbass who summoned me?” Darn, she picked up my scent. “If you explain yourself, there’s a fifty-fifty chance I’ll whoop your ass. If you don’t, it’s a beat down for sure.”
Most people would describe her as ‘abrasive’ but to me, she was a kindred spirit. It could be a trick though; mind-reading wasn’t a popular trick and I hadn’t seen her cast a spell but I couldn’t be sure. Lovecraft’s Old Ones liked mind games, after all.
She took a step in my direction. “In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m not in a good mood.”
Though it may soon prove to be a tactical error, I chose to uncloak myself. Given her keen sense of smell, she would have pinpointed my location anyway. Better show some good faith while I waited for my opening. Sure, I could run for my life but I’d never get paid if I let this thing loose.
She smiled when I appeared.
“You don’t look as dumb as you are.”
I cocked an eyebrow. “I didn’t summon you so lay off the insults.” I’d know soon enough if we were indeed kindred spirits.
“Who did?”
“No reason I should tell.”
She growled and I reciprocated. No use pretending to be civil if all she wanted was a fight. The energy of the summoning spell had me jonesing for some action anyway. She rushed forward and grabbed my neck with her weird webbed hand. Before I knew it, my back hit the wall and my feet dangled above the floor.
“What year is this?” She shook me as if the answer could fall out of my pockets. My senses enhancers did.
“Violence may incite compliance in some people,” I said with the little breath her grip allowed through. “I’m not one of them.”
I raised my hands over my head, joined them into a fist and slammed it against her elbows. Her yelped and released me. I rolled out of her immediate reach. Unfortunately, that put me in front of the hole she got out of, between her and the fall.
“Fine.” She muttered before turning to me, effectively blocking the only way out that wouldn’t kill me. “Oh darling –” she fluttered her lashes. I couldn’t help but fall into a defensive stance. “– Would you be kind enough to let me know the date?”
A monster-witch hybrid off her rocker. Great.
“September 20th 2011,” I answered, not dropping my guard.
She hit her forehead with her palm. “Twenty years early. As if being half-fish didn’t suck enough.” She dusted herself absentmindedly. “Oh well, they always blamed me for not being flexible enough.” Her crooked smile sent a chill down my back. “Time to advance my timetable.”
Before I could do anything, she shoved me out of her way and jumped in the fall. I couldn’t follow; this jump would kill almost anybody, spelled or not. Yet, she had dived so confidently, she must have known she’d survive.
The only thing I was left with was a nagging ‘twenty years early for what?’.

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