Some People Never Learn – Part Three

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I strutted out of Rency’s office as if I had just gotten a well-deserved pat on the back instead of a pain-in-the-ass assignment. Jordan was precariously perched on a desk, having moved inappropriately close to his femme du jour.
Oh, Goddess! At least, I enjoyed this part of the teaching job.
Without stopping, I reached and grabbed his tie. The sudden tug sent his tie clip smack into his would-be date’s forehead – with a little telekinetic help – and Jordan stumbled off the desk. He fell in line behind me, blowing off a kiss as we walked away.
“You’re taking me shopping.”
“Not boots again?”
I rolled my wrist to shorten his leash. We went to buy boots two times. Two! And one of them was because he ruined my brand new pair with an acid spell.
“Props and spells.” I released his tie so he could get into the car.
“Oh!” He ran his fingers through his hair and readjusted his jacket. With a sigh, I handed him the tie clip I had floated back to my palm.
The owner of my favorite spell shop was a busty redhead. It was more than enough for Jordan to straighten himself. I never told him she was actually a 70 year-old lady wearing a disguise spell during office hours to boost the sales because while he was busy flirting, he wasn’t fiddling and breaking stuff I’d have to pay for.
“Karmen Bane!” Sallie said, her red hair bobbing up and down as she jumped a few times fast. “I thought you where snubbing me. How’s your mother?”
I hugged Sallie and kissed her on both cheeks. Jordan pulled a stool by the infusion bar and started browsing the selection of herbal teas and decoctions. “Lots of criminals running amuck. I can hardly find the time to breath. Mom’s tanning in Florida.”
“I should join her. The darn winter kills me.”
I laughed and turned my attention to the rack of talismans and pre-made spells. Sallie returned behind her counter and took Jordan’s order.
I’ll have to use Jordan, I thought as I fingered an enhanced hearing amulet. Even if I could hear what happened for kilometers – despite the constant rumble of the Niagara Falls – there was no way it would be sufficient. Sure, the chances of an evil sorcerer erupting from the falls to wreak havoc on the world were slim but should the urban legend bear any truth, I wouldn’t be the bounty hunter caught with her pants down.
I put together the ingredients I would need to tailor a flying spell to the humid and unstable environment of the falls. I should be able to zing from one end to the other in seconds. With the enhanced hearing and my naturally good night vision, I had the top of the falls covered. But I couldn’t control an enhanced eyesight amulet at the same time.
However, the later was a spell Jordan could handle; he had gotten detention more than once for using it to spy on girls in high school.
“Jordan,” I said, peeking out from behind the herb shelves. All to his sipping and smiling, he didn’t reply. I hooked two fingers inside my mouth and whistled.
He ducked his head by reflex, and then turned around on his stool. “What?”
“You’ll assist me on patrol for the next three nights.”
He glanced at Sallie and, not wanting to look bad, refrained from rolling his eyes. “Thought you’d never ask!” His artificial enthusiasm frightened me. “I’ll pack up on beer.”

Continues next Wednesday!


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