Sorry and Delay – Two Drabbles

Sorry – An Absurd Drabble

I fled the living room before my cousins created another make-believe scenario. As if there weren’t enough crazy stuff in Granny Kianga’s house! My favorite was the grimoire. It flaunted its symbols, sharp against yellowed pages as robust as the old broad.
I thought school would teach me to read them. Two years in and I still couldn’t!
So I poked them – for vengeance and the thrill of maybe getting caught – imagining my cousins stuck forever in I-wanna-be-a-princess land.
“’on’t!” Granny barked as my finger landed on a squiggly. The house shook off its foundation and began bouncing around.

This story was written based on this prompt and the characters from the Absurd Fables.



“Your guarantied transits are bogus then!?” She’d turn into a hag soon. Devastation already dimmed her otherwise shining beauty.
The clerk shrugged. “Sorry Ma’am. Computers, you know. First Class on tomorrow’s train’s the best I can do.”
The woman bowed her head, slightly shaking it. She grabbed her new ticket and turned to my bar.
“Hey Sis,” she said in her cell phone as she pulled a stool. “I’ll miss it. Way to start my thirties, huh?!”
I pushed a Cosmo in front of her. When she looked up, eyebrow arched, I mouthed: “Happy Birthday!”
Her smile lit the room.

This story was written based on this prompt.


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