Two of my games are out!

Yes, dear reader, it’s time for another game talk as two of the games I designed were recently released. Told you I’d keep you posted! 😉


SpongeBob DoodlePants
I have worked on a whole bunch of games for Nickelodeon since I started at Sarbakan almost three years ago. The latest one is a platformer game with physic-based elements and a back to school theme.

SpongeBob DoodlePants Promo Picture

Click on the image to play! (I think it's US only though...)

You play as SpongeBob in a doodle world haunted by Fractions and Chemistry Beakers. Your objective? Get a good grade, of course! Navigate the environment to collect starfishes and special sticker. Bounce on basketballs to reach secret passages. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let the globe crush you or the pencils trap sting you. 😉


Wedding Dash 4-Ever
Now that’s another scope of game altogether. This is the second Wedding Dash game I work on. I wrote the scripts and level designed the wedding planning mini-game for Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! Wedding Dash 4-Ever is the first one I actually design.

Wedding Dash 4-Ever Title Page

Click on the picture to head to PlayFirst and download the free one hour trial!

As you can expect, Wedding Dash 4-Ever is the fourth game in the Wedding Dash series. It still holds all the time management fun PlayFirst players are so fond of with a few twists to refresh the whole.
When Quinn’s mom surprises her daughter by coming over to organize her wedding with Joe, things in Quinn’s life – and business – become a bit hectic. Her wedding receptions are revamped as cocktail receptions. Moreover, Quinn now occasionally takes part in the ceremony and the final conga line dance! New guests abound and new wedding disasters too. It’s quite a hustle really!
Thankfully, Flo, Quinn’s roommate and waitress extraordinaire, is there to serve the delicious finger food and Joe eventually pops in to take pictures. Meanwhile, Quinn tries to find the best way to tell her mom, who is prepping the perfect wedding venue, that her wedding to Joe has been called off…


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