MTV’s Hard Times of RJ Berger – The Game

Have any of you guys watched MTV’s new comedy The Hard Times of RJ Berger? In a nutshell, it’s the story of a high school scrawny student (potentially read “dork”) who gains a semblance of respectability when an “unfortunate” event causes the whole school to realize he is… err… “well-endowed” is  the term, I think.
Well, in order to properly launch the whole thing, Sarbakan developed a game for MTV.

This is where the fun begins!

Chain of Thought is a simple game where you click on the thoughts floating around RJ (or Lily’s) mind in order to chain them into a coherent statement. Your goal? Seduce the school’s hottest girl Jenny (or if you play as Lily, seduce RJ).

Inside RJ's head, there are proper conversation subjects and... well... other stuff...

I’m not the game designer of this game. I have nothing to do with the concept or production. Nope. My only job on this was… conveniently placed drumroll… to write the script! And I had SO. MUCH. FUN. doing it.
I’ve mostly work on children games so far. What a nice change of pace when the game designer came to me and asked me to write nasty jokes! Okay, that’s not true. He asked me to write a flirting dialog and mess it up. Okay, I know, it’s even better!
Essentially, I wrote a conversation that could win the player a date and changed one word for a sexual innuendo, a geek reference or something along those lines in case the player messed up the chaining. Quite as awesome a writing workout as one can get! Trust me, you’ll want to win AND lose this game. Seriously, play it more than once.

RJ is peering down Jenny's cleavage, which makes him blush. Yup. The score's measured in inches for crying out loud!

When, for a few days, your work requires you to write a comedic take on the teenage boy and girl, AND make it a bit dirty, you know you’ll have fun. And if you want a taste of what my job felt like during those days, there’s a level builder in this game. Make up your own conversations and send them to friends!

Now go have fun, will you?


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