Unforeseen Dives – 25a – Minefield

<< 24b – Appearances

I unlocked the door of my mom’s house with my key. Becky followed me in along with our two FBI counterparts for this investigation. I would be happier dealing with familiar faces like Ryan and his partner but it would be incorrect of me to ask to have them flown in from New York. I’d have to trust the two strangers with my mom’s life.
Our sweep’s goal wasn’t to lift prints or anything like that. A specialized team was scheduled to drop by in two hours and comb through every thing for clues. My job consisted of walking around the house and trying to spot anything amiss. The FBI found no sign of struggle when they swept the place yesterday but my knowing eye might spot something they overlooked; a vase in the wrong place, an item missing, etc.
They found my mom’s purse here so there ought to be a lead of some kind. So far, the hypotheses were broad: either the fight happened on the lawn, making traces harder to find or my mom followed her kidnapper willingly.
Standing in this house without my mom present was eerie. I had never done it before since I got my own place when my mother sold the old house a few years after my dad died. This was my mom’s home, not quite mine though I was very familiar with it.
I crossed the lobby, running my gaze along the perfectly aligned picture frames. My whole life seemed to be up on that wall: a family portrait including my dad when I was a kid, my graduation mug shot, and even a framed article about my recent exploits and my prompt diving condition. I left it behind to search the living room.
The couch was on its spot and so were the decorative candles on the coffee table and the mantle. The same impeccable presentation applied to the dining room. And the kitchen. And every other room. I had nothing, not a smidgen of additional information to enrich what the FBI had, which wasn’t a lot.
I came back to the lobby to report to the rest of the team.
“Didn’t she leave you a note hidden somewhere? She must have seen it coming, right?” One of the investigator replied to my empty-handed status.
“Ignorant.” Rebecca commented in a murmur. I refrained my own rise of anger to provide a more complete and leveled answer.
 “It is a huge insult to a psychic to suppose he uses his skill to read his own future. It’s considered selfish and plain wrong.” My explanation should have prompted an excuse.
“Don’t you keep tabs on her?”
“Do you keep tabs on your mom?” Rebecca barked. I just tensed. These guys knew nothing about us or clearly hadn’t cared enough to learn. This investigation would be painful for more than one reason.
“No, obviously, I don’t. Now if you could give me silence and space, I planned to prompt dive and try to relive what happened here.” I asked as nicely as I could.
“Since when can psychics do that?”
“She’s a special edition. Would you please walk out?” Rebecca pushed them almost gently toward the door. I didn’t really need them to leave but I couldn’t handle them asking “What do you see now?” while I tried to concentrate. I wished learning about us was part of the FBI training. Rebecca closed the door behind them. I sighed in relief.
“Are you sure you can to do this?” Her question related both to my actual skill and my emotional strength. I nodded in response and closed my eyes.
The Ocean flooded my senses in an instant. The whirlpool tampered with my senses. It was so close I shivered. The incessant maelstrom obscured my mom’s future completely and took a chunk of her past along for the ride. I didn’t want to flirt with disaster without the barrier of the chair and Becky as my safety net. I inched as close as I could without putting my heart in danger.
My mom opened the door and smiled at the visitor, whose face and body I couldn’t clearly see no matter what angle I looked at. He kind of had a mini-maelstrom of his own. She knew him. She invited him in. They sipped lemonade. He was careful not to touch anything but his glass. Without warning, the strange stabbed her with what I assumed to be a syringe. My mother didn’t even have the time to fight. The drug worked its way through her system fast. She grew limp.
The visitor caught her and laid her down against the pillow. He put on what I assumed to be gloves; his actions were so unclear. He washed both glasses and set them back on their shelf. He returned to the living room, grabbed my mom and…
The whirlpool started at that point and I snapped out of my dive. Rebecca stood by my side, a questioning look on her face.
“Ever seen anything like that?” I shook my head.
“Call them back in.”
My partner opened the door for the two FBI agents. They steadied their impatient jittering but not fast enough for us to miss it.
“All yours.” Becky said before heading for the kitchen.
“So? Do we have a suspect?”
“Not exactly.” One of the agents threw his hands up in the air. It irked me. “But it wasn’t a complete waste of time. The victim knew her assailant well and from the size, I’d say it was a man. Also…” Rebecca came back holding two glasses in her gloved hands. “… you should swipe these for prints and DNA. The assailant drank from one but washed them afterwards. Let’s hope he didn’t do a good job.”
The two men were surprised and stumbled for evidence bags to secure the glasses. Once it was done, Becky and I walked past them to go back to our car. Our job here was done. I just had one more thing to say to our FBI counterparts.
“Let’s see if you can top that.”

25b – Minefield >>


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16 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – 25a – Minefield

  • Jenn

    Nice chapter! I enjoyed Becky’s comment to the agents at the end…lol…so typically her & very much deserved!
    Oh yes, and Cass’s strength came shining through!

    • Aheïla

      It’s actually Cass’s comment at the end. Maybe the wording doesn’t make that clear. Becky is spending so much time cradling Cass’s mind these days that her character’s being tinted. 😉

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    Actually it’s not an insult, selfish or wrong for a psychic to use his or her gift to monitor his own future. That’s a fiction that’s put out by psychics who aren’t very good at their gifts to explain why they’re not rich and able to avoid any problems.

    The more accurate information is that, because each person has Free Will, we can change our futures so the future shifts. At that point, if psychics tried to monitor everything in their future, they’d be so busy “seeing” that they wouldn’t have time to live their lives

    Just a little input for your research

    professional psychic

    • Aheïla

      Hello Catherine,
      As you might have noticed, this story is completely fictive. It is set in a world of my own and though it is close to the real world in many ways, it still answers to my rules.
      In my universe, there’s a government agency called the Psychic Service of Investigations. Most psychics use techology to dive into the Ocean (the place where all futures exist). And the psychic community considers monitoring one’s future as wrong. Such is my fiction.
      I am sorry if my story has offended you in anyway. It is meant as entertainment not as a protrayal of reality or an informative article.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ryan

    I loved the sharp dialogue exchanges between Cass and Becky and the agents working with them. I think it’s really imaginative that you have these rules for a universe you created and you need offer no apology, which you don’t do, for your creativity.

  • scribadiva

    Aheila: Just wanted to let you know I have you on a feed. Your last 5 posts will show up and comments. When I asked about Google friend, I was obviously in a dim-witted state. I have a blog on WordPress, but I stopped working on it, got so used to Google. Same for Technorati…doing maintenance at least 2 days, and when I get back, I’m going to sort out your serials. I’ve been singing your praises to everyone! So, as Arnold said, Speak to the Hand…No, wrong line. I’ll be back. Yeah, that’s the ticket!
    Overtired, Linda

    • Aheïla

      *laughs* Poor Linda, you really sound like you need some sleep. Is your life a bit too demanding these days?
      Thanks for following me and recommanding me to other people. It means a lot. I’m hoping to start building a following here and meet other awesome people like you and the rest of my loyal readers. It is a great motivatin, and helps me sit down and write even on the day I don’t feel like writing.
      I’ve heard avout Technorati, good and bad comments. It’ll probably be part of my second promotion campaing along with other directories or Digg and the likes.
      Take care!

  • Marsha

    Oh no. Cassidy’s mom knows her abductor? This means there is going to be some rough waters ahead doesn’t it?

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    @ Aheila

    I understand that this is your fictional account. I just thought that you’d want some feedback on the actual ethics/manners in the situation.

    It’s a more accurate reason for why someone can be psychic and still have something negative/ unexpected happen to them than the old chestnut of “It’s wrong to use yur powers for your own benefit”. Frankly, that’s an excuse.

    Being your own fictional world, of course you say how things work.


    • Aheïla

      The way you worded your initial comment, I wasn’t sure if you knew it was fictional or if I had offended you in some way.
      I thank you for your input. I actually know quite a lot about the reality of psychics, though I don’t label myself a professional psychic or advertise it very much.
      I actually talked about the problems related to knowing everything about your own future when my main character Cassidy came across another kind of problem earlier in the series.
      Thanks for coming back and I hope you enjoyed the read.

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    Not personally offended by you, although do find the “it’s unethical to read for yourself” concept kinda offensive in general. It’s a cop out to excuse how one can be psychic and still not have a “perfect” life.

    And when some one uses it as an excuse for their own lives, they automatically slam anyone who does read for themselves

    That’s a bit bogus


    • Aheïla

      I’m glad I haven’t offended you. I never intended to bring up an issue when I set this rule. It works within my fiction for an array of reasons. It has nothing to do with my personal opinion.

      If the story caught your eye, you are welcomed to read it from the start. You’ll find a compilation of all chapters here. 🙂

  • foresightyourctpsychic

    Thanks Aheila. I may well read from the start, however I’m currently in a last minute gallop to try to get the manuscript for my first book ready to submit for publication for my 52nd birthday next Thursday, and that’s sucking down a good deal of my time(that and the Renn faire I’m reading at this weekend)
    Once I pass that point, I hope to have more time for other interests 🙂


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