The Shareholder’s Blues (Song)


Quick post today because my week is still a bit crazy. I’ve been hanging around Empire Avenue for a few months. At first, I just wanted to see how this whole “gamification of social media” worked – because I’m a game designer working for a company who just hired a salesperson solely for that kind of projects – and now, I find it a great way to meet people and see if I’m letting followers down on one of my networks.

The core idea is that each member gets a score for the social media they link to their account (a little bit like Klout). These scores are used to determine your share price and your daily activities become dividends for your shareholders. Because yes, people can buy you. Your popularity also increases your price. And you invest too which increases your revenue, net wealth and thus share price.
You get the gist.

As it stands, I currently have 242 shareholders. My share price is 63.73 Eaves (virtual money) and growing more of less steadily (overtime kept me away from social media). My  last dividends was 0.74/share which makes me a good investment.
(Follow this link is you want to get into the game: it’ll give you an extra 2,000 Eaves to begin with.)

But enough with the number.

My point is that I’m interacting with a lot of people and I’m thankful for their support. So I decided to write them a song (you guys get stories, after all). Some lyrics might not make much sense if you don’t know the game but still, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

These are the weirdest lyrics I’ve ever written, by the way.


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