Killing Time OST – 7b – Hunting

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Standing on the ledge, I finished my preparations; knife on the right thigh, gun on the right hip, tranqu. gun and Taser to the left, and the AP2G2 stuck in the outside pocket of my back pack. The karabiner secured on my harness, I loosened the rope so I could sit in mid-air, my feet on the ledge but my ass a thousand feet above the street.
All I needed now was some adhesive under my butt-kicking boots. Out of a tiny bit of consideration for the windows, I didn’t want the gritty dirt of the roof scrapping them. Plus, dirt would reduce the grip of my compound.
I lifted one foot and spread a generous amount of my homemade chemical along the sole. Thirty seconds later the contact with air turned the compound from paste to sticky goodness. I put my foot against the plasma-proof glass and tested the grip with a few bounces: sticky enough to guide the rest of my body without making it too hard to lift my foot off the glass. The other boot soon joined its companion on the window. Gradually loosening the rope, I guided my descent toward the lit window.
When I reached my objective, I secured the rope to stabilize my position. The wind curved around me, shaking the tight bun of my hair; I wasn’t about to lose my mane to some accidental contact with the anti-plasma-proof chemicals.
Pistolero gave way to Soraya’s La Noche Es Para Mi. My butt swung back and forth on the beat as I angled the AP2G2 against the glass. Under my pressure, the piston expulsed a steady stream of jelly. Vexx had done an incredible job with this and I had no trouble drawing a wide circle around me. The chemicals sizzled as they ate away the protective barrier. A whiff of foul smelling air made me cough but the wind soon dissipated it.
Then came another wait as Greg’s product slowly worked its magic. La noche es para mi. The night is for me. I could dance to that and I would have to for the next twenty or so minutes. Luckily, I wasn’t in any hurry.
Greg’s anti-plasma-proof compound finally turned bright red, indicating I could peel off the now inoffensive silicon. I teased a portion of the line until it provided some grip and started pulling on the circular strip. It stuck to the surface more than I expected to. I grabbed my knife and worked it between the glass and the silicon, sliding it as I went to help the peeling.
When I reached the halfway mark, Edouardo entered his office. His eyes met mine and panic spread from that connection throughout his body. My muscles tensed with excitement while his froze in terror. I was caught red-handed.
Just as planned.
Now I just had to get him moving.
I folded my knees and pushed myself off the glass. My feet slammed the center of the circle I drew. My improvised door into opening didn’t slam open but the loud bang shook Edouardo into action. The man made a beeline for his desk to deactivate the secondary security system; he couldn’t escape if the system was on. That would teach him to decline the extra for a secret escape route in the kitchen.
I pounded on the glass, producing more noise than result. Panicked, Edouardo messed his first attempt at entering the security code. I pushed myself off the building again. My second attempt at dislodging my circle worked. So did Edouardo’s effort to deactivate the security system. He triggered the alarm. Reinforcements were on their way.
“It’s eight thirty. Now playing La Corrida from a Bugs Bunny Video Game.” The music chip in my head announced.
Damn it! We were a bit ahead of schedule.
Sticking my feet inside the window, I pulled half my body in and unclasped the karabiner. The momentum allowed me to tumble inside the office.
Edouardo froze a second after rounding his desk. When he resumed his run for the hallway, I was back on my feet.
The CEO didn’t have my speed. I caught up with him two feet inside the hallway. I grabbed the neck of his clothes and jerked back. His feet met my extended leg and he landed on his behind. I pulled him back onto his feet by the folds of his jacket. He trashed and freed himself, leaving me alone with an empty – but pricey – piece of clothing. Edouardo sprinted straight for freedom. I went the other way.
And five, six, seven, eight.
Right on cue, huge hermetic doors closed the hallway – thanks Vexx. Back to my hole in the office, my karabiner clasped in place on my harness as I jumped outside the building. My sticky feet ran on the plasma-proof glass. Above me, the pulley followed my movement along the track until I reached a stop about twenty feet further.
Until I stood next to Edouardo with only an unbreakable window between us.
“Meep Meep.” I smiled.
The anti-fire system kicked in, sucking the oxygen out of the hallway where my panicked victim banged on the door. His worries were over before the reinforcement arrived.
Reinforcement that could neither open the door nor shoot at me through the plasma-proof glass.
I fluttered my lashes and stuck my signature sticker on the window. I planted a kiss next to it for good measure; artificial faces didn’t leave DNA marks to no risk there.
“Now playing the Looney Tunes theme song.” The chip in my head announced.
“Meep Meep.” I repeated then wrapped my arm in the rope and released my karabiner.
I turned as close as I could to facing the ground. Folding my knees one last time, I pushed myself off the surface before letting go of the rope.
I could never have smuggled in a thousand feet worth of rope so this was the only option. Besides, I loved the sensation of a free fall.
Because I meant to survive this, I cut my enjoyment short and pulled the release strap on my backpack. The micro-film parachute opened to slow my descent. I landed at the tune’s end.
I should probably thank technology for keeping me from reddening the sidewalk.

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