Weather in Quebec

You know what happens when you’ve got nothing good to talk about: you switch to the weather topic. It’s kind of what I’m doing today. But not quite. I intend to talk about weather but, hopefully, it’ll be interesting. Or at the very least funny. Might even be insightful.

The season you’ve heard about the most, when it comes to Quebec’s weather, ought to be winter. There’s obviously a lot to talk about. Last winter was pretty tame but I still had to shovel my way into my apartment about once every two weeks. During the worst winters, it’s more like once every two days. Every winter, we hit temperatures as low as -30 Celsius (that’s -22 Fahrenheit) without taking the wind into account. It’s cold. Maybe not the coldest on Earth but cold enough.
I hate winter. I have no tolerance for cold. I keep my apartment at a reasonable temperature for someone who is active. A comforter sits on the couch so I can wrap myself when I relax watching TV. I don’t walk around without my trusty hairy blue loafers. When I get to bed, it takes me half an hour to warm my spot enough for my toes to unfreeze though I pile about 5 comforters over me. And I still wake up with my nose frozen in the morning.
I hate winter. I spend it wishing for summer.
And apparently, so does a big bunch of Quebecers. If you believe their whining, that is. Even though they love skiing and such, they will still occasionally complain about the cold. And all complain about the towering snow bank they have to dig their car out of before coming to work.

So summer should make every one happy, right?

Wrong! For a few days now, we’ve hit the 30+ Celsius (let’s round it up at 90 Fahrenheit) and it is so humid I don’t have to water my flower boxes much despite the heat. It’s sticky. And what to I hear? People wishing for winter!
What the hell is wrong with you guys?
I love summer. I handle the heat way better than the cold. These days, most people have a hard time sleeping. I take a quick cold shower before I go to bed and sleep like a rock. Finally I am not cold. Screw the air conditioning. I actually keep a vest at my desk so I can cover up when the guys drop the temperature too much. Ah! If only summer lasted longer!
I love summer. I spend it thinking I appreciate living a little bit further south.
And apparently, so doesn’t a big bunch of Quebecers. If you believe their whining, that is.

Spending the whole winter wishing for the heat and the whole summer dreaming of the cold, that’s half the year gone by. Whining.
“Well it leaves half the year perfectly happy. They ought to love spring and fall.”
Nope. It rains.


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Somewhere in Quebec City, Aheïla works as a Game Design Director by day and writes by night. Known for her blue hair, unyielding dynamism and tasty cooking (quails, anyone?), she’s convinced “prose is the new crack”. She satisfies her addiction daily on The Writeaholic’s Blog and weekly on Games' Bustles View all posts by Aheïla

11 responses to “Weather in Quebec

  • Leaf


    I love that. So true XD

    But I have to disagree a bit — I’m one of the few who doesn’t complain about the cold, unless I really have a good reason to (for example, when the heater doesn’t work, which happened twice last winter), and who NEVER wish for summer, even when I’m about to be transfigurate into ice blocks (which DID happen once, when I had the bad idea to get out without drying my hair first).

    Lets make a deal.

    I give you summer and spring, when temperatures are high, warm and sunny.

    I’ll take care of fall and winter, when it’s cold and rainy/snowy.


  • Anna

    I love summer, but right now the heat in the house is insane and I worry about my furry pets’ health. I’d buy AC, cept that as a recently laid off work person, I don’t want to spend money on stuff that isn’t immediately important. Like, uh, food, toilet paper, the internet… :p

    I wouldn’t wish for winter tho! That’d just be crazy. Extreme heat better than extreme cold.

    • Aheïla

      Anna! I’m so glad to find you here again!
      It was a shock yesterday! We got the news and you were already gone! I was planning to recruit you for a writing project next month so I thought “Damn, my plans just shattered.” Then, remembered you were on my Facebook so it was possible to stay in touch.
      I’ll most likely start promoting the project here next week. 😉
      And keep me posted about your queries! 😉

      “Extreme heat better than extreme cold.” Yes, ma’am!

      • Anna

        It was really sudden indeed. There was maybe 15 minutes between the moment they told me and the moment I left. It just means I’m going to have lots of free time for the rest of summer. I want to kick my ass and finish editing this novel. I can do it!

        …but not today. Time to hit the pool for a bit. You should come over one hot evening, if only so we can dip in the pool and dry in the sun while reading/chatting. 🙂

      • Aheïla

        It’s good that you are not too stressed about it.
        As for the pool, it sounds like a plan! 😉

  • Phil

    Quebec winters are so not normal. I can picture Sab’s hair frozen, lol. Snow blocking your way out of your building. Actually sounds a lot like upstate New York. I like autumn.

    • Aheïla

      Nope. Our winters are pretty extreme. I actually freeze my hair pretty often because I don’t use the blow dryer.

      Oh! And fyi *drum rolls* Congratulations, you have just posted the 1,000 comment. Come and see us in Quebec to claim your prize.

  • Phil

    Make that 1001! I’m on my way! How could I possibly say no to my two fav Québécoises! 😉

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