The Title Hustle

Arrange transportation for the weekend in Montreal in two weeks: check
Schedule an appointment to have my hair braided for the summer: check (keeping blue hair blue under the sun and chlorine is just not what summer should be about)
Provide feedback on the early sketch for Cassidy’s cover: check

One thing that is not getting checked off my to-do list is figuring out the title that’s going on the aforementioned cover.
If memory serves, I’ve talked about this about a month ago; I need to find a title for the 2010 Story (or Cassidy’s story, if you prefer). I’ve been thinking about it over and over and I just  can’t put my finger on the title I feel is the best. It eludes me.
I’ve tracked it, baited it, tried sneak up on it and catch it unaware. Nothing works.
I’m beginning to wonder if I’m too picky. Each one I come up with have something wrong: too long, too bland, not telling enough, too obscure, too “police”, too “psychic”… it never ends. I never had so much trouble finding a title for a story. It’s driving me nuts.
I decided to ask the advice of my regular readers in the hope of getting out of this predicament.

Should PSI be in the title or should it be the name of the series (if series it was to become)? Should Cassidy be the name of the series?
No. I shouldn’t do it like that or I’ll drive you all crazy. Ok… Other thought: I’ll just open up my creativity and brainstorm possible titles. Focus on quantity, not obsessing about quality. Fifteen minutes, non-stop, no deleting. We can narrow it down later.

Prescious Clues
Prescious Lives
PSI: Unforseen
Bomb of Ill Omen
Time bomb
Crystal Bomb *laughs*
Once Upon a Future
The Psychic, The Telepath and The Bomber
Of Futures and Pains
See No Evil *laughs*
Fog of Time
Seers and Bombers (Cops and Robbers, anyone?)

Gosh, fifteen minutes are gone and I haven’t found a thing for the last five. Most of these are useless anyway. I do think one of them as potential. Let’s see if you pick the same one. And if you have suggestions, make them!
Here! I’ll give away one beautiful print of the cover art to a randomly chosen helper! You won’t have it tomorrow because it’s not done yet but I should get the final version in July and I will not forget you.
In case you want to have an idea of the quality, I recommend you go check out the artist’s blog. Melanie Bourgeois is her name and I have loads of fun working with her. It’s nice to be able to use metaphors and see them translate into an image.
Please, I need help. Don’t go shy on me now!


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4 responses to “The Title Hustle

  • Jenn

    Ok..I have a couple thoughts on the title. Since this may turn into a series, I don’t think that Cassidy’s name should be in the title in case you switch main characters in the future.
    A lot of series have one or two words in all the titles. I think something about Diving would be good. Then on the back cover, the description could say something about your main character diving into the oceans of possibility.
    So maybe in this case something like “Free Diving”?
    Just a thought.

    • Aheïla

      See, I thought about using “Diving” or something along those lines and then I got stuck on “isn’t it too obscure?” But since you’re bringing it up too, maybe it’s just an appropriate trademark for the series.
      And I would only use Cassidy or PSI as the name of the series. You know, like “The Hollows” or “A Sookie Stackhouse Novel”. 😉

  • Jenn

    Yes, I could see that….but I’m glad that our minds were running in the same circle lol!

    • Aheïla

      Now I’m thinking about “Unforseen Dives” which brings the concepts of “unforseen problems” and “dive into the Ocean” together.
      What do you think?

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