Lazy Raiders Launching Today!

Today is an important day for Sarbakan, the company where I work. Today, we launch our first Xbox Live Arcade game. Yeah!

I’ve talked about it here and there but now it’s time for Lazy Raiders to take the center stage on my blog.
Lazy Raiders is an original concept by Maxime Carrier who is a former teacher of mine and now a colleague. It was developed by a huge team of very talented people all within our walls.
I did the research to figure out which relics would be used in the game and wrote some of the jokes for the loading screens. I was also the internship supervisor of Maxime Babin who ended up doing the level design.
Besides being a game designer, I am also the president of Sarbakan social club. Thus, I am organizing the launch party!
Basically, my implication with the game is limited but I still hold it in my heart for various reasons.  I needed to talk about it. Plus, it’s a great game so it deserves to be talked about.

In Lazy Raiders, you help Dr. Diggabone pile up money for his retirement plan. He is way too lazy to hunt for treasures himself so you’ll have to turn and flip the environment around him to steer him toward the golden goodness. And avoid the various traps. And keep thiefs from getting the gems first. Damn! This explorer life is hard!

Here is the trailer!

You can  also play the game just the same using your Avatar. Isn’t it cool?

Seriously, now. The game is really easy to control. We are a casual gaming studio afterall.
Reaching the perfect times, however, requires a high level of mastery. The Xbox is hardcore gamers oriented afterall.
So there is plenty to go around for all types of gamers and, if I’m not mistaken, it’s something like ten bucks.

For those of you who won’t buy a game unless they have read a review, one is already up and I’ll make sure to update this page as other reviews show up.
IGN’s review: 8/10
Team Xbox Review: (Overall score unavailable at this time)
Capsule Computers: 9/10

Owners of an Xbox 360, go download the trial (at least) or buy the game (way better).
Residents of Quebec city, stroll in Le Boudoir this Friday 7 PM to have a beer with the development team. We’ll have the game running on 5 TVs so you can play it with us and try to beat the main programmer and testers (good luck with that).


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