Blau ist sehr schön!

So I’ve been in Germany for three days now and there are a few things I’ve learned/experienced:

1. German people are not particularly cold and distant. The small community of my apartment building invited me for tea and cake, and then barbecue on the roof terrace on my very first day. Also, most strangers are super helpful and tend to squeeze my arm gently as they say goodbye.

2. Turn the key the other way to unlock the door, damn it! When will you learn?

3. That awkward moment when people walk up to me, start speaking enthusiastically in German, and then turn crimson when they realize the only words I understood were “blau” and “schön”. Apparently, my hair is internationally liked.

4. The simplest things are an adventure since I barely understand German (though I’m working on that every day). Just figuring out how to operate the washing machine will be interesting.

Aside from that, my desktop computer needs some love and care before it agrees to feed an image to my monitor, and the first day at work was a busy blast; I had a To Do list before I set foot in the place! That’s perfect for me since nothing bores me more than two weeks of training/thumb-twirling.

That’s it for now!

The Big Move

Oops… I’ve just realized that I informed my critique circle that I would disappear for a while due to a major life change, but didn’t inform you guys.

Don’t hate me! Here’s the skinny!

After a significant amount of time looking for a job, I got two offers: one in game production in Germany and one as a full time teacher in India. Though I enjoy teaching, I’m not ready to do that full time so I picked Germany (it also really clicked with these future coworkers when I interviewed.)

So for the past couple of months, I’ve been selling/giving/trashing 80% of my stuff, and prepping all my paperwork for the big move.

Which happened today.

Yep. I’m currently writing from Hamburg, DE while jetlagged from my flight over from Quebec City.

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be spending my time between finding a more long-term alternative to my temporary apartment, starting my new job and grading my students’ last papers. I doubt I’ll have much time to write until May or June (when I’ll move in my other apartment). I’ll probably chronicle my adventures once a week in French and English for your sake and my family’s.

So that’s the big thing that’s kept me away from my writing, blogging and Internet-socializing. The dust will settle and then I’ll be back for real with a ton of new sources of inspiration. ;)

Whatya Working On?

You may remember (or may not, my bad for not being around) that I like to cheer people. The success of people that I know genuinely makes me happy, so I like to help when I can. So tell me, dear reader, what’s your current project? What are you working on and how is it going? Any New Year writing resolution?

On my end, between the hunt for a full time job and the part time teaching of Storytelling in Games, I write. Or edit, actually.

After almost a year of not touching it, I’m dusting off and re-polishing Oil and Boiling Water (steampunk adventure) before sending it on another round of query. Then, it’s back to The Phoenix’s Wake (urban fantasy mystery), which I finished during NaNo. I want the down time in my video game career to be an up time for my writing one. ;)

You’re turn now. Share something that I can comment back on with way too many exclamation marks. It’ll boost your moral, I swear!

A New Beginning

Hello everyone,

The last time I posted anything here was before NaNoWriMo and the holidays, and before that, my posting wasn’t as steady as it once was, even though the craziness of my overworked life had ceased. The main reason behind that is that I’ve been holding on to what that blog used to be instead of altering it to match my own evolution. I had to step back for a time to realize all that.

So, after careful consideration and  a little heartache, it’s time to voice the changes.

Serialized Novels: Out

I started this blog to make a habit out of writing. The focus was on quantity, and serialized novels were the perfect way to force myself to sit down and write every week. Now, writing is part of my routine –the initial goal is achieved!– and I’m striving for quality. Unfortunately, unless I write the whole novel, spend a year letting it rest/editing/rewriting, and then post it as a serial, I’m not delivering the quality I want, the quality I feel I need to aim for to further my writing, the quality that makes me happy.

Spending so much time on free serialized content for my blog takes away from writing content for publication (and a potential career). Countless people have written that authors need to see writing as a business, and I’ve factored that in my decision as well.

Serialized Shorts: In

The commitment for a short story is much smaller. It’s easier for me to wrap my head around and polish to the quality that makes me happy. It also provides a nice break from the bigger projects. As a result, I’ve decided to write more of them. Mix it up a little! Let my creativity go crazy!

I’m not promising a definite amount of short stories. It might take a while before I start publishing them. I’d like to get into a rhythm of submitting shorts to magazines –a great way to get some publishing credits– and post the rejects here. I’ll possibly have blog exclusive as well. We’ll see.

The point is that there will still be fiction posted on this blog. ;)

Writing Tips: Back In

When I started this blog, I posted various writing tips, from my writing process, to creativity tips and analysis of TV shows. The funny thing is that even though I’m not posting these anymore, I still do them for myself as mental exercises to push my craft. I want to share these learning experiences again, and get your thoughts on them. The time I save by cutting out the serialized novels will allow me to bring these tips back.


Drabble Day hasn’t been a big hit in the past months so I’m not sure whether I’ll cut it or not. Weekend Writing Warriors will be back for sure as I really enjoy sharing snippet, reading others and interacting with that awesome community. I’ll most likely go through the old posts and pages, and do a little bit of clean up in the coming weeks.

Besides that, I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. In a nutshell, I’m still writing a lot, I’m returning to blogging, and I’ve missed you, readers.

Welcome to 2014 (belated, but still…)! ;)

WeWriWa 11 – Deal

Hello everyone and welcome to fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!

Each week, this blog hop invites writers to post 8 sentences from their work, published or unpublished.

This week’s snippet is from Dante’s Dove. I had to use creative punctuation and cut down on a few reactions, but here is the deal Dante offers to Grace. He has teleported to the girl’s bathroom during her break from class to have this discussion.

“I’m going to help you release all that sexual tension–”
“Not happening.” Though the image that flashed into my mind hinted at a different desire.
“Let me finish!” For the first time, his sultry voice broke into annoyance. “Release that tension with anyone of your choosing. Think of me as a bone fide Cupid. Once that’s done, you’ll take your best shot at banishing me. If you can, I’m gone, and if you can’t, you’re mine.”

Please read and give a shout to other WeWriWa!


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