WeWriWa – Plan B


Hi everyone,

I’m participating in the Weekend Writing Warrior, a weekly blog event during which writers share 8 sentences of one of their projects. You should check out the others right here: http://www.wewriwa.com/. I share this post with the Snippet Sunday Facebook group, which you can find here.

I decided to at least post another excerpt from my steampunk novel, Oil and Boiling Water, so you can see the resolution of the scene I posted the last two weeks (here and here). We’re picking up right were we left off. The snippet has undergone some creative editing to fit the 8 sentences requirement.

After an apprentice stole schematics from Tatiana and slammed the University’s door shut in her face, she vented some frustration on a guard who had been asking for it. After his last insult, she took a second to calm herself down, and then:

“Send Scholar Macintyre my regards and tell him he’s welcomed to consult my schematics.” I forced the words out in lieu of the accusation of thievery I wanted to yell. “I’ll have prototype for my next visit, and he will invite me in to see it.”
The guard burst into laughter, and I did the only ladylike thing left to do; I turned my back to the University and walked away.
Since soft-spoken words, patience and fluttered lashes couldn’t get me through the mahogany door, I had hoped the schematics of my personal flying apparatus and the impending storm would at least warrant an invitation for tea. That plan had failed to factor in that Scholars put chauvinism before manners like they put their thirst for knowledge before diplomacy. I wouldn’t make the same mistake with my prototype, if I could manage the freedom to build it.
Hence, Plan B.

Comments and critiques are welcomed!


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