For my Sister’s Birthday

The other day, I read one of my little sister’s guest blog posts on one of her friends’ blog. It wasn’t the first time I read one of her posts, nor was it the first time I thought: “We may have made different choices, pursue different dreams and have different personalities, but when you look under the hood, we’re just the same.” There’s a similitude in our writing voices, but what I can see and no one else can, is that if I was put in the same situations as her, I would work through them in a very similar way. I recognize myself in her thought patterns and outlook on the world.

But what I can recognize with even more ease is the awesome woman she has grown into.

I remember the days when she was just a cute little bundle of new life. We slept in adjacent rooms, so on the weekends, I woke up when she started crying, changed her, fed her and sat in front of the cartoons with her. I said it was so my parents could sleep, but when you look at how long we did that, I think it was our “sister special time”.   Years later, she didn’t need changing anymore and we still watched cartoons together on the weekend, eating the tuna salad I taught her how to make (and we’re still making that one for ourselves every now and then). I like to think that when I lent her my favorite manga, I sparked something.

Nowadays, she’s studying for a year in Japan and has a boyfriend over there, too! We’re physically far apart and yet, I read her blog post and I think we’re just as close as when we slept in adjacent bedrooms. One night, while I was still in Germany, we had a Skype call with my mom and us three girls ended up chatting, debating, discussing for three hours straight. Now I’m back in Quebec, sleeping in her room since my bedroom was re-purposed and when I wrote to her to ask if I could borrow her slippers because the floor is cold, her answer was: “Yeah, sure. They may be stinky.”

We don’t share clothes (she’s much taller and thinner than me), but we have the same shoe size. Go figure! Actually, when she found a cool t-shirt that made her think of me, she bought one for herself and I bought one too. So we do share wardrobe on some level. 😉

But I digress.

What matters is that it’s her birthday, and because we’re on either side of the globe, I knew I’d be wishing her well through the magic of the Internet. Then I thought that the Internet was full of complaints and trolls and quite a bit of harassment these days, so why wouldn’t I dedicate a complete post to something as positive as celebrating a 21 year-long relationship with an awesome human being? Why wouldn’t I fill 15 minutes of your life with a positive, heartwarming tale of sisterly love?

So Jasmine, I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I can’t take you out for a drink or hand you a gift, but, as you can see, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about you (a little more than this and it might get creepy). I wish you a wonderful celebration with your friends. Here’s a bundle of virtual love, hugs and kisses. Keep on being yourself, *starts singing* ‘cause you’re amazing, just the way you are. *stops singing*

Je t’aime, ma puce, et bonne fête encore!


Your slightly embarrassing big sister

Jasmine (left) and me as funky pirates for a family banquet à la Astérix (French comic).

Jasmine (left) and me as funky pirates for a family banquet à la Astérix (French comic).


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2 responses to “For my Sister’s Birthday

  • Jasmine

    It’s NOT embarrassing at all! Haha
    Waw thank you soooo much, I can’t even describe how this gift (because yes, I see this blog post as one!) made me feel. I cried a little.

    You definitely sparked something with that manga. Everytime people ask me how I got into Japanese culture, I always tell them about that time when my sister introduced me to the manga world.

    I also remember those times when I cried at night and you would come to me. Actually, I remember one or two times when I *might* have cried for you to get up and hug me because I was a bit scared and lonely. I also remember once how you explained to me in the middle of the night that my “little warriors” in my body were fighting the sickness I had at that moment, and that’s why I had a hard time to sleep.

    You left home when I was still a child, but I remember you made braids in my hair before leaving. And each time you come back briefly to live in our family’s house, it’s as if you never left, and we go back in our routine of eating tuna salad and watching movies/TV series on the weekends. I’m just sad that right now I can’t be there with you.

    I used to think that I was far from you sometimes, because of our age gap. But the more I age, the more that age gap becomes meaningless and we can now discuss things that we were never able to talk about when I was younger. It’s really great. I’m so happy to have an awesome sister like you. Everytime I talk about you for the first time to people, I feel proud as I explain what you do in life and what your hair looks like.

    Anyway, a big thank you for this, et je t’aime aussi!



    • Aheïla

      Hahaha! I almost wrote “Are you crying yet?” Somewhere in there, but I thought it would be too much. 😛

      Oh yes, your nocturnal terrors were quite something back then. Not sure if other readers are familiar with the phenomenon, but seeing you freak out while half asleep, unable to see me or snap out of it was always a little worrisome. Good thing that was just a child’s thing.

      You’re right that growing up has changed the nature of our relationship, but not its strength. A 7 years gap between twenty year-olds isn’t much. And I talk about you too! When people tell me I’m intense or hardcore, I reply that my little sister is learning Arabic at a Japanese university. *laughs* Kick-ass just runs in the family, I guess. 😉

      Take care!

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