Late Start

If you were around last week and read all of the posts about my NaNoWriMo planning, you probably got the impression –justifiably– that I was very excited by the idea of getting started on November 1st. I had kicked the tires of my project, hung a smell-good-thingy on the rear-view mirror, checked the oil… the whole shebang.

Then, on November 1st, I turned the key and instead of revving, the engine went *cough* *cough* *cough*.

Between the flight and the jet lag, I caught a mean cold that forced me to sacrifice the first day of NaNoWriMo. I slept through 80% of that day, keeping myself away from the computer as I didn’t want to be pulled in by the urge to write, refuse to rest and stretch the sickness longer than it absolutely had to. I slept a good chunk of yesterday and today too.

As a result, I’m not behind my word count for the 50k objective, but I’m a full day behind my real objective of 100k. Nothing I can’t catch up on with a little effort (I’m looking at you “Double your word count day”!)

My close-to-feverish state spawned an interesting scene for my novel, so I’m quite happy with that. I already knew that I wanted to write in a salon owned by my MC’s sister and give it an atmosphere inspired from my favorite salon (which I’ll visit on Wednesday to get my hair re-blued). As it turned out, I dialed the lovely quirkiness of Salon Dana over 9000 and it works brilliantly within the crazy universe of my novel.

I may post an excerpt later this week, but in the meantime, back to word sprints for me!

How is your NaNo going?


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