Birth of Another Idea

Four years ago, I wrote a fairly poetic take on Where Do Ideas Come From?. This weekend, I found a perfect example of just how random the birth of a story can be, and I figured it would be could to share it. For me, these little moments are a constant reminder to be open to the world, ready to let inspiration in.

So here’s what happened.

I was having a Skype conversation with a dear friend who is getting bored out of his mind at his job. Since I’m a super positive and optimistic person, I said something that triggered a funny exchange which I decided to transfer to Facebook to bring a smile in other people’s life. I had an inkling it would get me in trouble:


Sometimes I hate my brains…

Yes, that happened. Just like something as random happened with fire hydrantssummoning chickens and a bunch of other stories. Just like it’ll happen for as long as I have my senses and let the world in.

Curious to see what these first 200 words read like?

The Girl Who Writes Motivational Posters

The amount of boredom you feel is but a measure of how better than this you are.” I scribble on my blank page and look at the smooth curves of my letters. There are too many of them.

If you’re bored, you are meant for greater things.

Each line is further from the truth, but my boss will call it ‘deep’ or ‘philosophical’. Besides, our target demographic has a short attention span, so I put pencil to paper again and scratch in two new lines.

You’re meant for greater things.

There it is. Slap the picture of a sexy college student dozing off and watch the posters sell like sweet tea on a hot Louisiana day. Replace the student with an office worker and the laminates will reach the secondary audience and boost revenues.
They’ll love it.
My eyes drift toward the clock. Fifteen minutes without wanting to shoot myself. I should pump my fist or something.

Celebrate every mediocre achievement.”

Yeah… that one won’t fly.

What do you think? What has been your most random source for an idea?


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