WeWriWa 9 – Illusion

Hello everyone and welcome to fellow Weekend Writing Warriors!

Each week, this blog hop invites writers to post 8 sentences from their work, published or unpublished.

Since you seemed to enjoy Dante and Grace last week, I’ve decided to post another snippet of that story. A couple of minutes after Dante started talking in Grace’s head while she’s sitting in her Illusion Magic class, this happens:

Long distance illusion is much, much more fun. Dante’s amusement tickled my insides again, like a dimmed version of the way I would live the emotion if it was mine. A warm, heavy hand landed on my left shoulder. I jumped, then realized it wasn’t real. Just one more trick I should ignore. The hand kneaded my tensed neck, but did not — did not — relax the muscle. Or felt good. At all.

I might keep posting snippets from Dante’s Dove while I rush to finish the first draft of The Phoenix’s Wake. I want that book finished before NaNoWrimo (during which I may write Dante’s Dove full time…)

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