NaNo Excerpt Day – Untitled Thriller/Mystery 2

I’m running out of Friday to post this! Sorry for the delay folks, but with the trips and the teaching and the everything, I’m 14k behind on my National Novel Writing Month project. What!?

I think I can catch up.

I might require an insane amount of gummy bears.

Here’s one more scene with Gael and Keith. They fetched the harpy’s husband and tried to bring him to a secure location before breaking out the bad news.

He slammed his way out of the car in the middle of the freeway…

* * *

With the speed of an animal’s reflex when hearing its name, Mr Lambros’ head came up. In the fraction of seconds he looked at me before realizing his mistake, I morphed my pupils and concentrated on making them oscillate. The contact was established. I angled my head left and his followed. Falling into the slow, waving rhythm, I angled it back to the right, taking one step toward him.

Left. Breath. Step. Right. Breath. Step.


Distracted by the survival need to step out of the way, I released my hold over Mr Lambros. He shook his head and let out a mind-splitting croak. The sound wave hit me square in the migraine and Keith, who had finally gotten out of the car and armed the tranqu gun, doubled over with tears streaming down his eyes. A few car veered in the leftmost lane, their drivers fighting the urge to burst into tears.

The croak of broken hearts.

I tackled Mr Lambros before he took flight. If he reached his house, there would be a bloodbath. His beak snapped inches away from my ear as we tumbled onto the ground. I tried to pin him down but got a face-full of feathers. Some caught in my throat and I had to cough them out. One of Mr Lambros’ talons dug into my calf. The pain shot through my body. The primal scream from my human throat soon dissolved into a hiss, suffering morphing into deep-seated anger.

This day sucked.

The transformation merged my legs together, first tearing the pinned down calf free before temporarily healing the whole thing. My lower body was wrapped in a constricting hold around Mr Lambros’ legs before the scales even had time to grow.

“Keith!” I yelled toward my partner.

Mr Lambros spun, sending my torso smashing full force into the railing. I closed my arms around the steel bar and held tight. I drew my would-be knees toward me, effectively dragging Mr Lambros’ legs forward and messing with his balance.


I craned my neck to look toward the car. Russo stood there, mouth agape, guns anything but blazing. Lambros tugged so hard I almost released my hold on the railing. I closed my eyes and dug into my ancestry. My tail constricted further, just enough to bring my prisoner’s legs so close together he had to flap his wings to keep his balance. The minute he lifted off the ground, before he flung his wings full force, I pulled again.

This time, my force bested his and his back hit the pavement. I released the railing and curved my upper body above him. I grabbed both his wings in a tight grip and held on with my life as he fought me with all the fierceness of a crazed animal. There was no reasoning with him anymore.

And no mesmerizing him either.

When he snapped his beak at me again, I let my gaze hit him on a deeper level. His face froze and whitened, the veins turning even paler, almost translucent. His eyes glazed and hardened. The skin soon matched the texture as the stiffness spread throughout his body. I unwrapped my tail from around his legs before his increased weight crushed me. Within seconds, the talons stopped grating the road.

I slithered away from him and up to Keith. Except for the breathing, he was as stone-still as Mr Lambros.

I slapped him straight across the jaw. “Stop staring at my crotch.”

He shook the sting off and his eyes came up to my face. “It’s a tail.”

“Fine! Stop staring at my cloaca!” On account of half my reproduction system being human, my cloaca wasn’t at the end of my tail like most snakes. “Won’t be much use now.” I added, grabbing the tranqu gun off his hands as I pushed past him. At least, he had refrained from pointing it at my chest. That would have been the cherry on this damned cake.

* * *

And what’s great about NaNoWriMo is that a whole bunch of writers are doing it at the same time! Some of them are also participating in #NaNoFriday and you can find them here:

From the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums:

CJ Michaels:
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Want to participate too? No need to be on the AW forums. Leave your blog address in the comments, post a excerpt with the list of participants and I’ll add you to the blog roll!


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