NaNoWriMo – The Day After

Today is December 1st, the day that, for a lot of writers around the world, is a hard/liberating reinsertion into the real world.
No more escaping the social life, no more word count.
It’s a bittersweet moment for most.

Me? I’m jumping up and down like a crazy person because something awesome comes after the frenzy of writing a novel in a month: editing!

Contrary to a bunch of writers I talk with, I love editing. It’s the part where you take that rough, dirty, shapeless rock and polish the hell out of it until it becomes the diamond everyone wants to look at. For me, that’s the art of writing.
Not the spur of the moment inspiration, not the great idea, not the thrilling premise.
Nope. Everyone has those.
It’s the follow-through that makes writers who they are.

Don’t get me wrong; I applaud each and every one who tackled the NaNoWriMo challenge and surpassed their expectations. I don’t care if you won or doubled/tripled/quadrupled won; you did better than you would have usually done in a month and deserve every last bit of chocolate cake.
I’m just the kind of person who gets really excited at the idea of pouring through the crazy stuff I wrote and making it better. 😉

And boy, do I have stuff to pour through!

I finished last year’s NaNo, Oil and Boiling Water, and will begin editing it in the hopes of putting it in the hands of excited beta readers in early January. I had already reworked 75% of it throughout the year; there’s more to do but it’s doable.
This year’s main NaNo, Dianaes, needs some major plastic surgery. That’s what I get for writing 75k of it without a plan. I left notes all the way through the thing so I know where to break the bones before reconstructing and finishing it. That’ll be my big project for 2012.
I’d like to edit Unforeseen Dives and, maybe, self-publish a reworked version with a bunch of additional goodies.
I would also like to translate and get another pass of editing done on The One Who Sees (which is currently in French). It’s not as easily marketable so I’m not putting a high priority on it.

There’s also some writing on my schedule that I’d like/have to get done before next NaNo.

Lorelei is coming back in January to kick some more butts in the sequel of Killing Time OST. I like to have a 20k headstart before I launch a serial so it’ll be a busy month of December.
I’m not sure where my other NaNo project (the sci-fi one without a title but already a good 10k) will fit in my schedule. It’s interesting. I want to outline it properly and find the time to write it.

So here I stand, the day after NaNo: 100k word written in the past 30 days, a whole lot of exciting projects to give some love to, and a smile that won’t go away anytime soon.

Where do you stand?


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