Some People Never Learn – Part One

I followed him towards the falls – not a surprising thing since just about every road led there so tourists wouldn’t get lost. He strutted with the nonchalance of someone sure of his power. And he had the face to support that assurance.
For now anyway.
“Excuse me, sir,” I yelled as I sped to catch up with him. He turned to face me, his eyebrow arched. “Aren’t you looking to get your ass kicked?” He almost choked on his saliva. “You know, a good spanking ‘cause you’ve been a bad bad boy.”
I ran my hands along his flanks – innocent enough – and found no suspicious bump.
Too easy.
He pulled back a couple of steps, his hands in front of him. “Sorry Miss.You’re confusing me with someone else.”
He turned his back on me and resumed his walk. I matched my pace to his.
“My bad. You probably have one of those faces.”
“Hmmm…” He sped up a little bit. I did too.
“You know, the ones that end up on a corkboard with a price beneath them.”
Then, he tried to run – because they all do – but the moment he said “shit”, I knew I had the right guy. My foot met his legs and he fell on his face, scraping his cheek. I straddled his back and locked his right arm beneath me. The few people still wondering around after the fireworks looked at us funny.
“You bitch!”
“Tsk tsk tsk… That’s no way for a felon to address his bounty hunter,” I said both for the fun of it and for the benefit of the buzzards. I slapped the cuffs around his right wrist. “You didn’t actually believe your little spell-a-thon would go unnoticed, did you?”
“I couldn’t help it! It’s the moon.”
A quarter of this town’s people liked to believe they came from a werewolf bloodline or were a werewolf in a past life – as if that would give them a freebie for illegal spelling. It was bullshit for the most part, but people were so desperate to feel special these days, witchcraft didn’t cut it anymore.
I closed the second cuff and pulled the guy up. “You’re going back in, Leon.”
This was my least favourite part of the job; the endless begging of the criminals who knew they were screwed. Bribes were funnier because I could play along before quashing their hopes again.
I grabbed my collar by… well… his collar and shook him. “It’s called parole, Leon. From the French, don’t fricking break it!”
I hit speed dial one on my cell phone.
“Where the hell are you?” was the ever so lovely, never annoying answer of my partner. How did I ever fall for this guy?
“In front of the Hershey Chocolate Factory. With Leon.”
“Be there in five.” He hung up on me.
Five minutes of additional pleading and a car swerved to a stop beside me. Jordan grinned behind the wheel. I waited for a bit but Mister Driver didn’t come out to help me. I’d have to whip him into pulling his weight or cut him loose.
“Okay Leon. Be a good little pay day and get in,” I said as I pulled the back door open. We had the car outfitted with the standard police mesh to facilitate prisoner transports.
Leon straightened. I poked his scraped cheek and voilà! Compliance.
As soon as my ass hit my seat, Jordan pressed the pedal. “Captain Montmorency called the office.”
“What for?”
“Wants to talk to you. Emphasis on the gloomy use of the word ‘talk’.”
I rolled my eyes. Good thing we had to stop at the station anyway. The heftiness of the check for bringing back Leon may counterbalance the unpleasantness of a discussion with Rency.

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