Train – A Drabble

“Erin had a way with problems. Watching her solve them was a show. I’d see the spark cross her eyes and think: “Ladies and gentlemen, please turn off your cellphones.”
She circled her prey, securing the perimeter so the trouble wouldn’t poison its
surroundings. People thought she would bite.
But no.
She pulled back. “That’s how the solution appears,” was how she explained it.
What a lie!
She just rushed forward and smashed the obstacle to smithereens with the finesse of a freight train.
Then, a man managed to misalign her rails.

Rest, partner, I’ll smash this one for you.”

This story was written based on this prompt.


About Aheïla

Somewhere in Quebec City, Aheïla works as a Game Design Director by day and writes by night. Known for her blue hair, unyielding dynamism and tasty cooking (quails, anyone?), she’s convinced “prose is the new crack”. She satisfies her addiction daily on The Writeaholic’s Blog and weekly on Games' Bustles View all posts by Aheïla

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