Vacation Plans

As some of you might know, I’m currently on much needed vacation. I’ve been smothered by negativity and stress for the past couple of months and it very nearly cause me to burn-out. Yet, half a day was all I needed to shed the weight on my shoulders, find myself and start a very restful two weeks.

This is the end of the sixth day of a seventeen day break. I’ve picked up the writing my blog (though I’m admittedly behind in reading comments and replying to them). I’ve watched countless hours of TV shows to replenish my creativity. I’ve cooked. I’ve trained. I’ve danced and sung. All the little things I’ve missed during the recent rough patch. I wanted to ease myself back into my life, meditate and breath.

And now I’m ready to kick it back full speed. Enough with the doing nothing! 😉

I’ll likely spend most of tomorrow and Friday writing the blog posts for next week because on Monday 7:35 am, I’ll be taking the train for the first time (guess what that day’s Drabble will be about). Nine hours later, I’ll be meeting one of the Nasty Nine and fellow Canadian Jenn! *does the happy dance* I’ll be spending a whole week with her and the best part is… I basically have no clue what we’ll be doing! I simply refused to plan my vacation. *laughs*

Yup. Me. Miss “Here-is-a-plan-for-you-and-you-and-that-other-guy-too”. No planning this time.

I can’t wait!

I know I’ll be writing in the train and, hopefully, it’ll bring me closer to finishing Oil and Boiling Water so I can ship it to my Betas (some of them are really excited about this and it drives me nuts that they had to wait for so long). And with a little more luck, it’ll get me started on my next serial (the sequel to Unforeseen Dives) which I promised to you guys a while ago.

Lorelei’s also beginning to simmer so I’ll try to get an outline done before she karate-chops her way out of my brain.

And there’s this fantasy story with a weird take on werethings (maybe I’ll bring back the werechipmunks for that Infomercial).

I also came up with a very very dark something for Frima on the eve of my vacation. *shrugs* Maybe it’ll pan out and I’ll get to work on it more.

And I owe you guys “Against All Odds – An Absurd Fable In Which The Lesser Of Two Evils Is The One You Can Beat With A Stick”.

See? What did I tell you? All back to normal: a hair shy of crazy! 😀



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