Return of the Absurd Fable

Hello everyone!
It’s been quite some time since I’ve written an absurd fable. Well, they’re back – I have no clue for how long, though. This one is inspired by the lovely Mish with whom I tweeted about writing problems. When she spoke of evil, I spoke of sticks. Now here we are.

Before we dig in this fable, let’s go over what happened in the nameless village:

  • Uncle Eliot ate the summoning chicken and now burps object into existence provided someone yells the name of the object and slams his belly.
  • Aunt Bessie missed her job interview because she knocked on wood and it didn’t appreciate it.
  • Burning rabbits sprung out of creative people’s mind, multiplying faster than light but easily exterminated by yelling boring things.
  • Granny Kianga used new curtains to bring Elijah and the narrator back together.
  • A few thumb-sized aliens survived death by popcorn and took residency in Granny Kianga’s flower boxes.
  • The whole village – except the narrator – was turned into fruits and vegetables by a witch. When the narrator reversed the process, she accidentally turned a cucumber into a man.
  • The narrator drove Granny Kianga and Cucumber to scold the witch, who fell in love with Cucumber as soon as she learned he wasn’t human.
  • The narrator is overworked and to force her to bed, Granny curses her; if she doesn’t sleep eight hours a night, everything in her vicinity stops working.
  • Granny gave a baby-faced enchanted violin to force Elijah to learn it; it cries at night if it’s not played enough each day (among other things).
  • The witch came back to the village to give birth to a cabbage baby.
  • The cabbage baby had a temper tantrum that caused a drought across the village.

I’m not crazy, you know. Just oddly creative.

Here’s the grand return of Fable Friday (which might not be every Friday)! I’m not picking up exactly where we left off but that’s all right. It’s absurd.
I’ll be posting later today so feel free to catch up on previous fables in the meantime (though it’s not necessary to understand the next one).


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