Killing Time OST – 25b – Blast

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I gritted my teeth and grunted though my whole body called for a desperate howl. Someone was playing heavy metal on the strings of my muscles. And it was the only music existing in my universe. Monkey Wrench caught me when I toppled forward and the contact sparked the suffering anew.
I Tasered so many tech-filled guards over the years.
I could imagine Vexx praying to his binary gods, hunched over his desk with his eyes closed, waiting for my communication chip to go back online. I regretted his voice in my skull; I liked white noise but not when it meant I might be dead.
Ninety seconds and, with any luck, we would talk again.
Two guards frisked me. Each hand brushing my body felt like sand paper sprayed with vinegar. They took my belt and the Desert Eagle, lock picks, mags and other toys along with it. I couldn’t let those get out of my reach or I was a dead woman.
Come on, shake it off.
My muscles, though artificial, worked on the same principal as normal muscles and Vexx had rigged them so, in case of motor-chip malfunction, they would receive order from my brain. I technically still could move; practice was a whole other matter. A half-assed attempt at resistance would put everyone on edge so I had to be sure I could move before I tried to play my captors.
Monkey Wrench picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. The shock reverberated all the way to my fingernails.
“Unstoppable assassin my ass,” he slapped my bottom for emphasis. I clenched my jaw. He would pay for this.
Time’s running out.
I took a deep breath and pushed pain off the list of my concerns. The group of guards closed around me to walk to wherever they kept secret experiments gone wrong. The guard with my stuff made the mistake of stepping close.
I grabbed the guard in front of me and pulled. Surprised, Monkey Wrench let me slip. I yelped when my feet hit the ground. The guard I used to free myself grabbed me. I head-butted his nose and reached for my belt dangling on a broad shoulder to my right.
“Where do you think –”
Monkey Wrench finished his sentence in a howl as I switched on the EMP device on my belt – the real deal, not the temporary wave I had in my watch. All the guards around me fell and me along with them, having lost my support. A few light bulbs burst.
My ninety seconds ended.
A rainbow of sparkles obscured my view when the reboot chip fired. It burned a path through every open wounds the Taser made.
Then, as the metabolism enhancing nanobots resumed their course through my vein, I sighed in relief.
“Thank you, Lord of all that is small and techy,” Vexx said. I smiled. “Where are you?” I waved an arm to the surveillance camera so he could see me in the sea of incapacitated soldiers. “Did you down half Merrilyn Tech’s security while you were offline?”
I chuckled and sat. Without pain. “All part of the plan.”
“Not the one I approved.” I winked at the camera. “What else do I not know?” I shrugged.
I grabbed my belt on the floor and locked it back around my hips.
“Your stunt closed the safety doors around the lobby. I’ll need a few minutes.”
At least, the presence of expensive guards kept the automatic lethal measures from engaging.
I stood, hesitant at first. When I stabilized, I walked to Monkey Wrench and pressed a foot on his crotch. He had lost his superb and his lower lip shook.
“You’re very very lucky,” I said slowly, stretching every word. I was a sucker for a good suspense. “I’m a nice unstoppable assassin.” I bowed and retrieved the sparky gun from his belt.
“Override done. Go!”
I tapped M.U.S. behind my ear.
“Would you like to resume your previous selection?” Yes. “Resuming Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor.”
The hermetic door to my right whooshed open. I entered the hallway, Taser and tranqu at the ready since my supply of sparky was limited.
“Encounter at the next corner. Type B.” Vexx monitored my progression from our war room. Type B were minimally enhanced guards.
I tranqu-ed him before he even registered my presence.
Following the blue print in my brain, I made my way to the server rooms, stopping every now and then to down an unsuspecting guard. The lab responsible for the research in people engineering was in the middle of nowhere. The task force already planted my homemade explosives there which left me with the responsibility to erase all virtual traces of the research.
I picked the lock with my father’s crest for the second time and dropped a spider on the closest server.
“On it,” Vexx confirmed. “Shifting comms to Gabriel.” Vexx needed all his concentration to hack the main server.
Setting up charges.
“Copy that,” Gabriel said, “Guards have abandoned the idea of overriding the doors of the Oval room. They’re halfway through the wall.”
Darn. I was a bit behind schedule.
I planted my explosives at key points, packed my things and went back the way I came.
I’m taking the elevator.
“Copy. Six guards will wait for you,” Gabriel said.
“She’s taking the elevator?” I faintly heard Vexx in the background. The original plan had been to take the stairs as it didn’t telegraph my arrival as much and gave me a bit more space for movement.
But seventy floors was a long way to run, whether one’s muscles could tire or not. I didn’t have time anymore; the guards would soon free my fishes.
“Crap,” Vexx yelled in the background. I heard a chair rolling closer to the mike. “Lorelei,” he said, “Nathan Blode’s at the front desk. They must have hired him to assess the network after you went rogue.”
Vexx’s panic echoed through my muscles and pushed me forward at maximum speed.
“Do not let him disconnect the spider!”
If Blode gained access to the security system, I’d be at the mercy of all the lethal measures Merrilyn Tech hid in its walls.

25c – Blast >>


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