Drabbles – Lure and Cup

As promised, here are last week’s and this week’s drabbles. 😉

I warn you, ‘Lure’ is wrong on many levels and I have no clue why that story came to me.

“Not many smells travel further than the stench of decaying flesh. It lingers for days too,” Geoff murmured to his son. “When dinner’s served, vultures just follow the smell.” Geoff extended an open hand and his son placed a shell in it.
A car pulled over a few meters away from the carcasses piled on the side of the road. Curiosity got the best of the driver and the woman stepped onto the road. Her lifeless body fell next to the others.
“And that, my son,” Geoff continued under the bushes’ cover, “ is why it’s easy to kill buzzards.”

The chick shivered in the bed of my palms, frightened and cold.  I cupped it closer to my mouth so my breath would warm him.
“How’s that fire coming?” A spark lit up the dry wood.
“Abracadabra!” My brother smirked.
“Quit the silliness. We’re making history.”
With slow movements, I lowered my hands into the fire. The heat circled my flesh without burning it, thanks to the birdie now chirping his joy. I swiftly opened my hands and pulled away. The chick fell into the brazier.
“Rise,” I whispered.


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