Drabble Day – Linchpin

Last week required a lot of brain power as I started a quest to find ‘The Linchpin’. See, two weeks ago I was trusted with my first project at my new job. It was started by someone else but is now mine. The first week was all about getting in the swing of things, putting out fires and noting down the problems. My predecessor did a good job; it just isn’t a smoothly running project.
I like the challenge.
Last week, though, I got a bit obsessed with the idea of finding the element that would transcend the various constraints, solve every problem and keep programmers from  sticking needles in a voodoo doll of me to relieve stress during overtime. All my thoughts returned to that. I even dreamed about the project.
The elusive linchpin is the reason why I haven’t caught up on my drabble and story reading, and why I’m late posting two drabbles. Again.
It’s also the reason why you have this theme today.
Good news is, I think I found it.

Here is how the drabble challenge works!

  • Read the prompt and find your angle.
  • Write a drabble (100 words story, give or take five words).
  • Post a direct link to your drabble in the comments (or, if you don’t have a blog, just go ahead and post your drabble in the comments).
  • In the post on your blog, make sure to link back to this post.

Today’s theme is: Linchpin!

I’ll post that story on Friday since I already have two previous one for you today.


The creature feeding on my thoughts went through my triggers, those images or sounds that brought back a flow of memories. One of them was Imagine by John Lennon. Hearing it took me back ten years when I laid with twenty classmates under a tent in Clarac, France and the musicians harboring us sang a capella until we fell asleep.
I smiled every time the song played, wherever it played.
The creature hummed, hoping to gulp a treat. It had already taken away so much. My job. My wedding. But that, it couldn’t have.
In my memory, Imagine became freedom.


Grace tried to stay calm, every second adding to the challenge. Being trapped was bad enough without the company chipping away the very fabric of your being. Grace stretched her wings, sending sparkles flitting about. Resigned, she leaned against the glass wall. There wasn’t anything else to do anyway. She wasn’t going to try to rock her prison to the edge of the shelf like her annoying neighbor.
“Patience deals with this way better than the rest of us,” Grace thought.
“Stop it!” Joy yelled when her neighbor hit her cell for the umpteenth time.
Bottled Anger always caused trouble.


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