Drabble Day – Dust

I took me some time to pick this week’s theme. I had a thousand words rolling around in my head. Winter lost because we already did snow. Coat bored me because I led me to think about the buttons I need to sew back on mine. I’m telling you; it was quite the word war!
But I finally found what I was looking for. Because it’s wash the floor day. And because I’ve gotten hooked on White Collar.

Here is how the drabble challenge works!

  • Read the prompt and find your angle.
  • Write a drabble (100 words story, give or take five words).
  • Post a direct link to your drabble in the comments (or, if you don’t have a blog, just go ahead and post your drabble in the comments).

Today’s theme, as unambiguously given away by the title of this post, is Dust!

And here is my drabble!

No one likes thick layers of dust. It’s ugly, unclean and plain annoying. Provided there’s a minimum of humidity, dust turns into a sticky mess that stains lily-white reputations. Dust allows forensics to link bodies to murder scenes and weapons to causes of deaths.
Dust is a plague.
When my partner said “We’ll go away and let the dust settle”, I knew I hated the plan. A part of it appeals to me, of course: secret planning, playing my family, sandy beaches, getting my heart’s desires.
I just didn’t want someone’s finger to trace “Just Dirtied” in the back window.



About Aheïla

Somewhere in Quebec City, Aheïla works as a Game Design Director by day and writes by night. Known for her blue hair, unyielding dynamism and tasty cooking (quails, anyone?), she’s convinced “prose is the new crack”. She satisfies her addiction daily on The Writeaholic’s Blog and weekly on Games' Bustles View all posts by Aheïla

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