First Year Tally – Aimee Laine

Today, I present to you yet another lovely lady I met on the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums. Her name is Aimee Laine and she is a mother of three (including two who share the same DNA). She’s married to her high school sweetheart, whom she met at fourteen, has an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and used to take figure skating classes. Oh! She takes pictures too! It sounds to me like a woman who has a lot to draw from to craft incredible story.
Let’s see what her first year looked like!

In May 2009, I sat in my photography studio wondering what new challenge to give myself photographically. Instead, I came up with an idea for a novel about a photographer who could see the past and the future through her camera. Over the course of 60 days, between client sessions, my girls’ dance class and at every other waking moment, I wrote that story. It now sits in File 13 … where it belongs.

One year after that, I’d started, and finished, three additional novels — all paranormal (only one with a vampire), all romance and each with an increasing level of intimacy. By the end of 2010, I’d written two more complete novels bringing my total to six and branching out from adult romance (pseudonym: Aimee Laine) to young adult (pseudonym: Emi J. Gayle).

Over the course of my first full year, I wrote over 500,000 words which also included a number of flash pieces, as well as published newspaper and magazine articles. By the end of 2010, I easily hit 800,000 words.

I don’t write in a vacuum though, and I always get input on my early chapters. I work with two fantabulous writing partners — one on the US pacific coast and one in the UK. I also critique for others online (at Scribophile where in one year, I’ve offered input on over 600 pieces and act as a forum moderator) and offline (where I’ve read six writers’ manuscripts from start to finish).

Somewhere in and during those activities, I’ve managed to keep an eye on the publishing industry by watching and reading the blogs of dozens of agents, publishers and writers and have managed to read a few dozen published books, too.

Then, I went and made more writing plans.

When my muse talks to me, I have to listen. My newest concept is a trilogy that spans one girls’ 19th year as a most unique shape-shifter. I expect to have book one done by the end of January 2011 and will roll right on in to books 2 and 3 afterward. During that time, I’ll be prepping one novel for submission to agents, expect to hear back on a full manuscript request, will finish out an interim series of edits on a different novel and will get yet another out to a contest.

Sometimes I tire myself out just thinking about all that I do… especially since I work full-time, have three kids and a husband … oh … and a cat. For some reason, people have given me books such as “Women Who do too Much” and “How to Relax” on more than one occasion.

Think that means something? I do, but I’m not one to listen. I am, however, prepared to continue on, persevere and expect… at some point in the near future… one of my stories will reach the right _________ <– I’ll leave you to fill in the blank.


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