First Year Tally – Lectin Gaezat

Today’s guest proves me that no matter the difference of culture (he’s in Singapore) people can have things in common; we both love the smell of books. Also, like one of my close friends, he has synesthesia; he sees sounds and often paint music in his free time. But most of all, he’s eager to one day join the ranks of the published authors.
Here is his participation to the first year tally.

I’m Lectin and I’m in charge of my WordPress Blog ‘The Critical Psychopath’. I guess you would have known or figured something about me from the blurb that Aheila posted about me, or seen me around on her blog commenting about her work.

When I first heard of this thing called WordPress, I thought- why would I make a blog about myself? I certainly am not a very emotional person- granted, I may have outbursts of emotion, but you can rarely find them railing against someone online. I would never allow such a thing to happen.

However, the idea of having a blog is something which fascinated me. For years, I had been an aspiring writer. In our school system when I was younger, my prompts for writing short stories included things like ‘Car Accidents’ or ‘Flying Kites’. I found them very, very boring. There was little to go with, little to write with. We were not encouraged to write creatively- we were encouraged to write in a way that would help us gain the best marks.

I wholly disagreed with that kind of teaching. I wrote sporadically in my free time and without much success- the intent was there, but I couldn’t write much. I was looking to love my writing. And I thought after five years of failed plots and forgotten stories, well, this blog is going to be my writing blog. I don’t care if what I write here is absolute crap, but if I can write what I want on this blog so be it. I will still have a great time with it. If people could come along for the ride and love what I write, so be it.

On my blog, I post at least once a week, and up to about three to four times at most a week. Last year for I was still finding what I would do with this blog, I wrote a series of reviews of books I borrowed from the library. I also published some small writing pieces that I was working on, and started a standalone series of one-shots called the Garden of Statues (the synopsis of which can be found on my blog’s ‘Lectin’s Short Stories’ page) which is still a work in progress since I write quite slowly for it. I also recruited a friend of mine who has similar aspirations, and he is my editor-in-chief when he feels like he is up to the job to do so. Writing was surely blossoming into a full-on obsession which gripped me like nothing else could ever do other than my relationship with my boyfriend.

So for the big scary year of 2011, what will I do? For me, I am holding myself accountable to two things. I am going to maintain my book reviews, because reading books helps make you a good reader, but critiquing books will make you a better writer because you actively search for things to improve on. Secondly, I am writing more Rants, help me think of creative ways to battle Fantasy tropes and create fresh, intriguing stories with new content to bring to readers out there.

But what of the new things that every year brings me to bear? For me, I will be creating a blog novel, much like the ‘Unforeseen Dives’ series or the ‘Killing Time OST’ series that Aheila herself does. Harkening back to the good old days where my first writing love was lost to medieval fantasy, I am writing on a topic of argokinetics, also known as chlorokinesis. To me, plant manipulation and control is a highly overlooked subject, usually lumped along with Earth magic, which I despise (with a great passion akin to my fellow blogger Eruant’s fervent hatred of guns). From my blog novel, titled ‘The Gardener’, I hope that I am able to shed more light on the subject and make myself define for myself what an argokinetic can do in the first place. It is something I would be enjoying greatly, and a chapter will be published every week on Friday midnight starting in January.

The second thing I wish to do this year as a writer is to gain more readership. Getting your story out into the workplace is once again- one thing. However, getting people to read it is another. A fellow classmate of mine who runs an anime blog and goes by the name of Valence once told me to try getting out to other writers there on WordPress. Read theirs and comment, ask them to read yours. Build a community not just to support yourself, but to support others as well. Everyone is happy, and on those dark days when you feel worse about yourself and decide that that’s it. I can’t write anymore- there will be people who will back your talent up and tell you how wonderful you are at writing. When you have one of those days the words just come to you- you talk to your friends to bounce ideas and get encouragement. Writing buddies are a blessing I thank whatever God up there for giving me these people every day. That is my tip for writing seriously.

To those who took the time to read through this post- thank you so much for doing so. Thanks Aheila for also allowing me to guest blog on her blog too! I look forward to getting to know any of you wonderful people in this wonderful place.



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