So Very “Glee” of Me

These days, my work hardly resembles itself. I actually have very little work (as in game-related tasks) as most of my projects are under clients’ scrutiny at the moment. That is a very good thing because a great deal of my time disappears in last details for the office’s Christmas party. It’s tomorrow, you see.
Since yesterday, the floor plan is set the band, the sound and the casino are briefed, and the gifts are all bought. The meals are ordered and the guests’ envelopes are prepped. The rooms are reserved and the tasks during the party have been split between the members of the social club. Only two details are left for me to take care of: my clothes and my voice. *sighs*

It’s the third year I’ll sing at the Christmas party. The band and song list change every year. The concept this year is that the boss’s band will play as the main event. The warm-up consists of the band playing with guest stars (volunteers from the office.) I’ll sing two songs, including “Don’t stop believing.” When I saw it on the list of choices, I thought it would be so very “Glee” to sing that and I couldn’t resist the call.

“Don’t stop believing” is a fond memory of Glee’s first season, which I loved. The way serious teenagers’ problems were addressed with singing humor charmed me. Unfortunately, the second season failed to enchant me as much. It seems like they broke things apart: there are still teenagers, problems, singing and humor but the magic blending of the element is gone.
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have a great time singing on Friday night. And I hope everyone enjoys the party.


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6 responses to “So Very “Glee” of Me

  • Jenn

    Wow, it sounds like you did a lot of work for your office party! I hope it all goes well for you. And I’m sure that your singing will be beautiful. I love your voice.
    My office party is Saturday night! It’s all a big suprise for us as the upper management is doing all the work this year (25th company anniversary).
    Have fun tomorrow!

    • Aheïla

      The Christmas party has been mine for three years now. I have the rest of the social club to support me but the bulk of the work rests on my shoulder (contrary to the other parties during the year).
      It went well. My singing was appreciated. Everyone seemed to have fun. By tomorrow, I’ll be back to a hundred percent. *laughs*

  • Lectin Gaezat

    I think I can second you on the second season. I’m watching and watching it, but the magic is gone.

    Thank goodness I have House to fall back on though. His wit [read: psychoanalysis screw-overs] are absolute gems 😀

  • Chris - Image Hosting

    It also amuses me how they make humorous songs out of teens problems. Sing your heart out Friday girl!


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