Unforeseen Dives – VIb – A Knife In The Back

<< VIa – A Knife In The Back

Though the smell of the coffee wanted to bend me to its will, I refused to drink it. Once, I trusted the man in front of me. The last fifteen minutes ruined the relationship we had for years, leaving only one truth alive in the rumbles.
Wayne was behind it all.
Behind the kidnappings of my friends and family, the torture of my community, the war. His plan led the organization seeking to annihilate people like me.
His will murdered my mom.
“How can you look so surprised?” He asked. He bowed forward to place a hand on my knee. I winced as it rested tenderly on the wounds his subordinate carved two days ago. “If anyone could understand, it’s you.”
I glared at him which, to my surprise, made him uneasy. I hoped he didn’t cast me as the beautiful princess for which he built a brand new world. That would be too much for me to handle right now. I decided not to test the waters of his good graces and broke my staring to sip coffee. The beverage was yummy. And, as far as I knew, torture free.
“You know the truth about the Ocean.” He leaned closer to me. A part of his weight rested on my painful knee. I wondered if he did it intentionally or if his wide-eyed demeanor was real. “It broke you too.”
His analysis made some kind of sense. In a way, I could relate to his situation. No serial killer persona trumped mine and drove me nuts, but I did almost lose myself in the death waves of the Times Square bombing investigation. My contact with the Ocean involved risks. It triggered my prompt diving gene, thus marking me a freak.
However, no amount of comprehension, no imagining of what Wayne lived through, sufficed to explain what he became.
“Say something,” he pleaded. He sat back in his chair and dipped his lips in his cup again. I pondered my option; was there any chance he would untie me if he believed he won me over?
My hope was short-lived as Ryan and the non-reader chose that moment to come back to the cabin.
“Ah! There she is!” The non-reader exclaimed. Under his enthusiasm wormed fear. My escape would have cost him.
I sighed internally. He couldn’t hurt me anymore unless I played my cards wrong with Wayne. However, Ryan’s presence meant that the veracity of my intentions could be tested at any moment.
“Say something!” Wayne yelled as if the other two hadn’t interrupted our one-on-one. He showed rage for the first time. My only shot at getting out of here in one piece was to keep that rage in check.
“Yes, the Ocean changed me. But I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish!” I tensed while I waited for his reaction. If I fell for his sales pitch too early, he might figure out I was trying to play him. If I resisted too much, I might get killed.
He weighed out his answer, sipped a little coffee, then laid down the cup and squared himself.
“You’re the sweetest person I know. You see the best in everyone, everything. ‘The Ocean changed me.’ Of course it did.” He grabbed my face between his hands forcing me to look straight in his eyes. “The Ocean is evil.”
I refrained from laughing. The strength of his convictions was quite something but what almost drove me to hilarity was that Ryan and the non-reader said the last sentence with him. Like a well-rehearsed show. What kind of crazy cult was this?
“Seeing the future and reading other people’s minds isn’t natural. It isn’t human,” he continued, rising from his chair to pace the room as he spoke. “It’s God’s domain and all who enter it shall suffer his wrath.”
Facts sputtered out of my memory. The serial killer that tainted Wayne thought he performed the work of God. He wasn’t killing readers though. His preference went to girls who had sex before marriage. Nonetheless, his delusions apparently lived on in Wayne’s brain, though in another form.
“We use the Ocean to save people, to help. Isn’t that what He asks of us?” How deep in his beliefs would I have to dig to convince him to free me?
“Don’t you know that man shouldn’t have control over life and death?” The non-reader asked. His tone told a different story from Wayne’s. He wasn’t a fanatic. He sounded cold and calculating. He walked in Wayne’s path because it suited him, not because he believed. He did want the readers gone. We scared him.
I nodded in approbation. Wayne smiled but the non-reader saw right through me. He didn’t share his opinion with Wayne though. I bet he’d rather pop some corn and kick off his shoes. I glanced at Ryan. As expected, there was no help there.
“We shouldn’t be diving. We’re addicted to it.” Wayne explained. So this wasn’t torture, it was a twelve step program. Ryan snickered. Damned! He wasn’t as far gone as I thought. “We need to stop and quickly, while there is still time.”
I would bet my life he thought killing people was a lesser evil. And the sick logic behind it all led me to believe it wasn’t a residual trace of the serial killer talking. It was Wayne. He had been cured of his psychic mishap with the Ocean only to fall into another psychological trouble.
Despite everything, I felt for him. However, it was too late to help him. His folly was strong enough that even in its earlier stages, it pushed him to hide his true self from the psychiatrists in the nuthouse. He somehow managed to train Nadina while incarcerated. His actions were brilliantly planned and heartlessly executed.
And he had killed. Several times.
Something in my facial expression betrayed my inner reflections. My fatigue cost me a strong backhanded slap across the left cheek. I needed to control myself more efficiently.
This was the last resort of the mad man. No more torture chambers awaited me.
If Wayne didn’t manage to win me over, he would kill me.
I had to put my game face on. And my game mind too.

40a – Pursuit >>


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4 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – VIb – A Knife In The Back

  • Jenn

    Well, I can see we are getting down to the end now, more & more being revealed. And very well I might add.
    However, I have a feeling on Wednesday we will be reverting in time to when we were last with Becky….

  • Ryan

    So the foes are religious fanatics of a sort!? That’s a really clever turn. As is the excellent plot device you use in attributing a philosophical motive to Wayne and his accomplices. It’s a cogent, if deranged, pov, that makes the story credible and suspenseful. I don’t know how Cass is going to get out of this, but I know it’s going to be fun finding out.

    • Aheïla

      *does the happy dance* I’m so glad it doesn’t make sense only to me! These chapters are kind of stressing for me; it’s awesome to build a mystery and an intrigue but if the unraveling falls flat…
      So yeah. I think I’ll happy dance again.
      And NaNo… NaNo more…

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