Unforeseen Dives – VIa – A Knife In The Back

<< 39b – Menace

Despite the pain and the cold, despite the urgency and the fright – or maybe because of all that – I couldn’t refrain from hugging the man who rolled with me in the snow. The sight of a familiar face that wasn’t attempting to break me washed away the hopelessness. Especially since it was a face I never thought I would see again; he was kidnapped the same week as Sean so I assumed he was dead.
“We have to go. They’re right on my heels.” I finally said, tugging on his arm.
“Really?” Wayne answered. He wouldn’t budge. Only then did I realize my mistake.
Wayne wasn’t hurt in any way, shape or form. He was fully dressed and wore a coat against the freezing wind. Not one hurriedly stolen and thrown over his shoulders while he escaped; a fully buttoned coat and an expensive scarf.
I turned to resume my run but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back against him.
“Come on now! I want to such extreme lengths to get a hold of you. I’m not letting you go.”
A few things suddenly snapped into place. Having a serial killer’s personality imprinted over your own definitely counted as a traumatizing experience. More than enough to trigger a latent prompt diving gene. More than enough to leave indelible marks, no matter what the psychiatrists said. Amidst the unusualness of his unnatural double personality, no one would have noticed he developed prompt diving. And he was crazy enough to find a way to deal with his newfound skill.
He provided the information about the Ocean and laid traps for his kindred souls.
“Wayne,” I pleaded, pressed against the chest twice my width, “This isn’t you.”
The tests had been fooled. The serial killer still obscured Wayne’s character. Why else would he be so bent on destroying his own people? Could I possibly appeal to the good part of him? The part that used to be my good friend?
“Oh this is entirely me.” He turned and pulled on my arm, leading me back towards the cabin I just fled. I buried my feet in the snow to try and resist. Pain buckled my knees which, in this instance, seemed like a good thing though it drew tears from my eyes. However, it barely slowed down my captor.
As my tibias broke the snow crust, the ice opened old wounds anew. I instinctively stepped forward and cursed myself for it. I trashed and pulled but all to no avail. Another man who used to be my friend now led me to my demise.
“They’re using you.” I yelled, continuing my attempts to break free. My stamina was waning fast.
“Quite the other way around, I’m afraid!” He faced me with a grin that sent shivers down my already frozen spine. “Please stop fighting. It’s useless and I’d rather not carry you.” The look in his eyes confirmed he would knock me out if he had to.
If I kept trying to escape this desperate situation, I might rob myself from being conscious when an opening actually presented itself. With a grunt, I nodded and followed when he resumed his walk.
In their hurry to come after me, Ryan and the non-reader left the keys to the cabin in the snow by the door. Wayne must have been coming from some unknown building nearby when he stumbled upon me. How unlucky that I crossed his path when I was well on my way to freedom.
I prompt dived as often as I could, searching for the perfect moment to attempt another escape only to realize he dived just as much to counteract my exploration. Besides, the cold stiffened my muscles and another run wouldn’t get me far.
Wayne forced me to kneel so I couldn’t try anything while he bowed to gather the keys and unlock the door to the cabin. Though I feared what awaited me in there, I welcomed the heat with a sigh. The warmth lulled my senses, challenging me to resist sleep.
Much to my surprise, the cabin looked quite homey. Nothing like the torture rooms I spent so many hours in lately. No immediate threats, no signs of violence, if Wayne didn’t tie me to a chair, I might have thought my situation had improved. As he tightened the tie wrap around my wrists, I found myself wishing for the hell that I knew instead of this new setting and executioner.
“You’ve been behind this from the beginning.” His last sentence made me quite sure I was right but his motives eluded me. He shared our talents and community. Why would he not only wish us so much harm but put it in motion?
Wayne smiled again. I suspected I would soon grow to fear that smile.
“We’ll have plenty of time for that. Are you still a latte drinker?”
He moved toward the little kitchen counter before I replied. He whistled while operating the espresso machine. I dreaded what would come later. For the past few days, five stars meal came with a mental torture side dish, music meant pain and someone else’s happiness meant near-death experience for me. I doubted I was here to play a sick version of house but then, I wasn’t the mad person in the room.
Minutes later, the cup of hot latte fumed on the table by my right and a straw rose from it so I could sip without help. Wayne settled down in front of me with a cup of his own.
“Nothing like civilities to encourage conversation,” Wayne said to break the silence. “I trust we can discuss your situation like adults. I very much want you to understand my position.”
“Right. After weeks of torture, now you want to talk.” I snickered.
“Well yes. I would have preferred to remain anonymous, for security reasons.” He sipped his coffee. “On the other hand, I prefer to avoid killing you as well.”
“Quite a predicament.” I taunted. I didn’t have anything more brilliant to do then show what I hoped to be an attitude.

VIb – A Knife In The Back >>


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4 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – VIa – A Knife In The Back

  • Jenn

    Huh, well I knew who Ryan was, and I didn’t trust Wayne, but I also didn’t put him at the top of the pile…I just figured he might be someone they used. Now I just really hope that Casey isn’t somehow involved. Nice reveal!

    • Aheïla

      *laughs* Ryan showed his colors pretty quickly indeed. And Leaf didn’t trust Wayne either but she switched her suspicions to Daniel along the way. It’s quite entertaining to read every one’s suspicions. 😉
      And there are still more plot twists coming before this story ends. *evil grin*

  • Ryan

    I never liked Wayne, lol. He was my pick for the mastermind but I admit you had me questioning if I was right. This chapter is terrific. Very chilling. Can’t wait for the next plot twist. 🙂

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